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  1. nelsonj3

    Incredible Fort Wilderness Blockbuster Display

    This was too good not to share. A family recreated a Blockbuster Video Store right at their campsite at Fort Wilderness!! Again, I don't usually share this stuff here, but this was absolutely next level!!
  2. nelsonj3

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    I definitely needed a Coke. Lol. My brain gets tired.
  3. nelsonj3

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    I know this is old, but I wanted to explain what I was talking about... lol. And no, I definitely don't have all the answers. First, I was 100% wrong about the park direction at Epcot. I just got confused while on stream. I remember Martin short talking about heading to the real Canada via...
  4. nelsonj3

    Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom Walkway

    I've got it filmed and posting Sunday! :-)
  5. nelsonj3

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Reservations are now open for AP's!!! Magic Kingdom is now booked for AP's on July 11th. Everything else is still available as of 6:27am!!
  6. nelsonj3

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    Thank you for the shout out! So glad you enjoyed the streams! Sorry I'm late on this. Haven't checked in to WDW Magic for a while. Hope everyone is staying safe!
  7. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    I appreciate the kind words about the content, but I feel like we rarely mention our Patreon if you go back and watch the streams. We definitely thank people who send donations, but I hope it's not too much. Anyway, glad you enjoy the rest of the content, and we'll try to watch how much we say...
  8. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Thank you! And unfortunately, we won't be at any of the parties during those dates. Our September part is the 20th. Maybe we'll see you in another park! :-) It was great to have you along!! Aww! Thanks!!
  9. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Thanks! It was a blast!
  10. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Thank you so much, Dan! We appreciate your support! We can’t please everyone, but we always do our best, and we appreciate your kind words!
  11. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Hey there! We actually have a few of these up already in 4K and in 360! Just search for Disney Springs Relaxing Stroll ResortTV1 Thanks!
  12. nelsonj3

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    Just now reading the initial post on this thread. I agree with everything you mentioned, but I especially want to add my .02 to the reduced hours issue. This is the worst it has ever been this year (since I can remember... with the except of maybe the post 9/11 year). Why is Magic Kingdom...
  13. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Fair enough, but the first post you made was a bit rude. However, I appreciate you being nicer in this post. I am always open to constructive criticism that is polite. And I agree that the hastags get excessive, but sometimes, we're just having a good time and get carried away. We're not...
  14. nelsonj3

    News Howling dog returns to the WDW Haunted Mansion's queue

    This is amazing news! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm there. I think it's more fitting at night anyway, and it will definitely bring back memories to hear it again. I wonder how the sound effect was made as well. Is it of an actual wolf or dog howling?
  15. nelsonj3

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    Yikes... that's harsh. Josh here. Yes, I read these forums, and none of that is true. We have never asked anyone to create multiple accounts to subscribe and like. In fact, that's against YouTube's terms and is just dishonest. So, when someone sends us a superchat or paypal should we just...
  16. nelsonj3

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    That's awesome! Thanks for saying hi! Hope you had a great night at Epcot!
  17. nelsonj3

    New WDW Today Loop (Information Channel)

    Here is the newest WDW Today Channel with new music! WDW Today Channel - January 2019 - New Music!! | Walt Disney World Resort TV
  18. nelsonj3

    WDW Resort Channel Music Change

    I haven't heard it myself yet. I'd like to get to the resorts to record this soon! I just need to either find time to stay myself or find a friend who is staying and doesn't mind me recording a bit. :-) I can't wait to hear it!
  19. nelsonj3

    Reliving the Classics at Epcot - An Epcot Center History - Part One

    Hello! I try not share my videos too often on here because I don't want to spam, but I thought several people may be interested in this one! This is Part 1 of my Reliving the Classics at Epcot series of videos! Check it out and let me know what you think! By the way, I know I made a...
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