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  1. Master Yoda

    year you first went to WDW

    1975 at the ripe old age of 4.
  2. Master Yoda

    Relief band for motion sickness

    I did this when I was younger and it worked fairly well. The efficacy waned as I got older. I stumbled upon an article that suggested taking 24 hour less drowzy Dramamine (Meclizine HCI 25mg) nightly for a couple days prior to needing it. That seemed to work much better. Taking it at night also...
  3. Master Yoda

    Relief band for motion sickness

    The only effect they have is the placebo effect and even that was shown to be pretty limited. Ginger has been shown to produce some anti-nausea effects, but it is not long-lasting and it is often best used to "settle your stomach" rather than as a...
  4. Master Yoda

    5th gate anyone.......?

    let us not forget the airport.
  5. Master Yoda

    5th gate anyone.......?

    If we go by Universal rules and count water parks as gates Disney already has a 5th and 6th gate making this fictional park the 7th gate. ;)
  6. Master Yoda

    New Cruiser Question About Cabanas

    As stated by @JaxFLBear they are pretty hard to come by if you are not a Concierge level guest or a Pearl Castaway member. Even then they are not the easiest thing to come by as they are almost always booked out in a few hours. (we were unable to get one as a Concierge guest on our upcoming...
  7. Master Yoda

    When did Disney start overpromising and under delivering?

    Not much before having widespread internet access. Now that we have 24/7 access in our pockets, it is almost impossible to escape. Disney can't so much as release a new cupcake without an army of people posting it on every social media platform in existence. In the long long ago, info was a...
  8. Master Yoda

    When did Disney start overpromising and under delivering?

    IMHO Disney has given their creatives a little too much press time too early in a project's lifecycle since the internet became a thing. It can only end in disappointment when you let someone from WDI go on and on about what they invision on barely green-lit project before the finance, legal...
  9. Master Yoda

    re-newing my ap

    This^^^ It is always a good idea to do the math. It can often be better to forgo the discount and reset your expiration date if there is a long enough gap between your expiration date and the next time you plan on using your pass.
  10. Master Yoda

    News Above-Normal Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024

    It was replaced in 2018. Nailing was updated to the current code (well current in 2018) and we had a wind mitigation survey.
  11. Master Yoda

    News Above-Normal Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024

    We shall see. Farmer's is not renewing my policy and I will need a new carrier by mid-September. So far every quote I have gotten has been 3 times what I am currently paying.
  12. Master Yoda

    News Above-Normal Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024

    My neighbor was forced to go through an attorney after suffering relatively minor damage from an unnamed storm. The short version of the story is the insurance company denied nearly everything and going through an attorney was pretty much his only option to get his insurance company to honor...
  13. Master Yoda

    News Above-Normal Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024

    I think you are forgetting 2020. NOAA predicted 13-19 storms. Hurricane season ended that year with 30.
  14. Master Yoda

    How is the transportation for Hotel Plaza Blvd. hotels?

    The DS resort shuttles are adequate at best. They will arrive much less frequently than the Disney resort busses and will often have multiple stops. If you have a car, I would recommend using it.
  15. Master Yoda

    Where do Disney Fireworks come from???

    In my defense, that post was made almost 13 years ago.
  16. Master Yoda

    Flamingo Crossing Retail Center

    The theory is actually correct; under the right circumstances of course.,can%20evaporate%2C%E2%80%9D%20Jay%20says.
  17. Master Yoda

    Activate AP

    I am not sure what the current policy is, but I have never had any luck with the resorts doing anything AP related correctly. I would just save yourself the frustration and do it at the parks or guest services at Disney Springs.
  18. Master Yoda

    SPOILERS: Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Series

    It was dealt with a little more directly in the novelization. You are correct that it was not the "Jedi way". Obi-Wan thought that Anakin did not deserve a quick and merciful death after slaughtering dozens of men, women, and children. After that, the Jedi code went out the window. He wanted...
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