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  1. cinderellafan6

    Chapek and D'Amaro continue the tradition of no bonus or Christmas gift for Disney's Cast Members

    At my brokerage firm we get a Christmas bonus, a big Christmas party and the brokers give us money for helping them all year. I really didnt know that is not the norm anymore.
  2. cinderellafan6

    Return to normality tracker

    Sorry if this as already been asked but does anyone know when/if bibbity bobbity boutique will open?
  3. cinderellafan6

    Bibbidi bobbidi boutique

    Does anyone know when this might open? My 9 year old really wants to do it and I want to take her before she grows out of that phase. Thaanks!
  4. cinderellafan6

    Living With the peril?

    I had read that the fire alarm was not working properly....but who knows if that is true.
  5. cinderellafan6

    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    Im booked for the end of Sept and have not received any info about being moved yet.
  6. cinderellafan6

    Must do Disney has been removed

    Sorry to bump the thread but has anyone been to the resorts lately and seen if Stacey is back? I know it's outdated but most Covid restrictions have been lifted. I miss her!
  7. cinderellafan6

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    Those new rooms are so tacky and bland!!! I would not pay all the money to stay there!
  8. cinderellafan6

    Casey’s re-opening?

    Sorry to bump the tread....but anyone have any ideas when Caseys can/will open???? Im hoping it will be opened by the 50th anniversary.
  9. cinderellafan6

    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    Hahahaha!!! This is funny 😂😂😂
  10. cinderellafan6

    Stuffed Pretzels in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, DHS

    Hey everyone! I will be at Disney this weekend and I am really craving the jalapeno stuffed pretzel. I believe they still have the cream cheese stuffed at the Launching pad in MK, but do they still have the Jalapeno stuffed one?? Thanks!!
  11. cinderellafan6

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Awesome!!!! Good!!! I really do not want to ride it again as I got sick on it the last time and BF really wants to...but now I can tell him they wont honor it and I dont have to try to get a boarding group number!
  12. cinderellafan6

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Sorry if this has been asked before.... We are planning on going to Hollywood studios this Friday for a couple hours since we are driving there. We should be arriving at the park around 5pm. If I try to get a boarding group at 7am and I get a low number, can I still enter the ride after 5pm if...
  13. cinderellafan6

    News Disney will be ending complimentary MagicBand distribution to Disney Resort hotel guests and moving to smart devices

    So I ordered my magic band on Dec 7th and still have not received it. I have ordered many bands before and never had this problem. I Ordered my moms the day after mine and she received hers 2 weeks ago. We are annual passholders but paid for the upgraded bands. Has this happen to anyone before...
  14. cinderellafan6

    Resort TV ( dare you all?!)

    She was just there 2 weeks ago at POP. It was playing on the Spanish channel...but in English.
  15. cinderellafan6

    Must do Disney has been removed

    The same article now has this: UPDATE: Despite seemingly having been removed, “Must Do Disney” has been quietly moved to channel 73 under “Must Do Disney Sp”, which previously showed the Spanish dubbed version of the show. Guests looking for this beloved show can turn to channel 73 to see...
  16. cinderellafan6

    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    I got through after being on hold for only 1 hour! Moved us from ASM to POP for our Oct 2nd arrival! I will take it!
  17. cinderellafan6

    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    Haven't been able to get through for days! Finally been on hold for hour n 1/2 but had to hang up do to work conference call. Tried to get through but kept saying busy. Finally got through again and now on hold for 23 min. fingers crossed!
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