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  1. Unomas

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    Oh, it will :)
  2. Unomas

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    Across the street? No. Literally connected to the Polynesian. Same side of the street. You take a path directly to it that is maybe 50 ft and you're there. That is not nitpicking. That is wrong. lol
  3. Unomas

    Worth Staying for Tree of Life - Awakenings?

    I agree with this. It won't be worth keeping a bunch of 70 year-olds from their supper! It is cool though.
  4. Unomas

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    Yes, but the TTC is connected to The Polynesian :)
  5. Unomas

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    2014 was also right before the refurbishment. And during that time, I'd agree with you. We walked around the resort at that time and I said I'd never pay the money they were asking here. I compared it to an old folks retirement home. Then the refurb happened and when we checked it out, we...
  6. Unomas

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    The Polynesian is the best resort on property. These are my reasons... 1) The best location for transportation. You have direct monorail access to not one, but two of the major theme parks. 2) Food options. The food at the Polynesian is among the best on property. Ohana is a great way to...
  7. Unomas

    This is how bad the price increases are

    Where did you own at?
  8. Unomas

    Would you be upset?

    One of the many reasons we don't like housekeeping into our room on any day during our stay. I just don't like the idea of someone messing with our stuff. We don't usually stay more than a week, give or take a day. But if someone had come into my room and trashed items I had purchased, I...
  9. Unomas

    Grand Floridian vs The Polynesian

    We have reservations for the Polynesian in June. We are thinking of changing that reservation to The Grand Floridian. Last summer we stayed the The Poly and loved it. One of my favorite things was late night Dole Whips enjoyed in the main lobby after a long day at the parks in the heat. I...
  10. Unomas

    People trashing the parks

    What I thought was bizarre was on Expedition Everest. At the top of the mountain we saw what must have been a couple hundred hair bands. I mean, seriously people???
  11. Unomas

    I don't get all the hoopla over Ohana.

    'Ohana is really hit or miss in my experience. Sounds like you got a miss. My first experience was similar. But my most recent experience was very good. I think the difference is this time I only ate what I wanted to eat. So I ate a lot of bread, steak, and shrimp!
  12. Unomas

    Is Poly worth the extra money??

    Walking to the studios is really not super convenient and after a few days at the parks, that sounds awful to me. And hopping monorails from Epcot to MK takes quite a bit of time. Plus the monorail from the TTC gets really backed up with people coming in from the parking lots. Sorry, but...
  13. Unomas

    Epcot rumor per Jim Hill...

    One film doesn't create a label. And it was still fairly reviewed. Marketing had a lot to do with that.
  14. Unomas

    Fuel Rod Portable charging batteries available now at WDW kiosks

    This is one of the things I really like about WDW. Since Magic Bands, they've really Incorporated a lot of technological features into the whole experience. Makes it fun for a geek like me.
  15. Unomas

    Epcot rumor per Jim Hill...

    Pixar and bombing don't really go together.
  16. Unomas

    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    For everyone's sake this summer, they really need to get this show running. And I pray it is better than Tarzan. I'm a lover of all things Disney, but that was just painful - even for me.
  17. Unomas

    WDW Taking a Hit Over Gator and Massacre ...

    I don't know if this has been said yet, because I don't have time to read 25 pages. But when we rode Jungle Cruise on June 30th, the skipper made a joke as usual about the gator. I was a little surprised since all I've heard is how they took the jokes out.
  18. Unomas

    Frozen Ever After opening day

    Get a fast pass or go during Extra Magic Hours. We rode it twice doing both options and waited no more than 20 minutes. You just have to be smart about it...
  19. Unomas

    Is Poly worth the extra money??

    We just got back and it's the best Disney resort I've ever stayed in. Location was key. We bought DVC there and this was our first trip. The monorail from longhouse Moorea was actually closer to the TTC than the Great Ceremonial House (main lobby). This kind of access to both Epcot and MK is...
  20. Unomas

    "Pixie Dust" it really does happen!

    I got a frozen beverage from one of the new African kiosks in AK this week. I got it in a souvenir ocarina cup. I loved it so much I went back up to the kiosk and asked how much to refill the cup. He told me no refills. I said okay and went ahead and just ordered a regular drink without the...
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