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  1. NeverEnufDisney

    So what's the verdict on Mears Connect?

    $32 per person round trip. I paid for it two days ago.
  2. NeverEnufDisney

    Mears Connect and the Sunshine Flyer Join Forces

    No I was only saying that if a receipt is a priority that is a way within their system. Do what you want.
  3. NeverEnufDisney

    Mears Connect and the Sunshine Flyer Join Forces

    Buy your ticket on the web site and you will get an email receipt.
  4. NeverEnufDisney

    Anyone else choosing to drive these days?

    We drive down often from central NY with a travel trailer. We stop once of twice on the way down and camp for a couple days. We are retired and have no need to rush. We camp at Fort Wilderness when we get to Disney. If we fly down we often stay in one of the cabins.
  5. NeverEnufDisney

    Trail’s End Restaurant closing this Spring to reopen with a new concept

    I've been unhappy since they stopped the buffet. This may very well end this as one of my go to dining locations.
  6. NeverEnufDisney

    Have you stayed at Pop Century but wished you upgraded?

    Been at Pop many times and is one of my preferred as I like the food court and shop proximity. The rooms are comfy and while I have stayed at Port Orleans I still prefer Pop.
  7. NeverEnufDisney

    So what's the verdict on Mears Connect?

    I used Mears before Magical Express and afterward. It does the job nicely and is convenient to book and they make your pickup times to return to MCO as expected or very close. It's an economical way to make it your resort.
  8. NeverEnufDisney

    Sunshine Flyer VS Mears

    We used Mears and while we did not get Disney cartoons we did get decent service at a good price. Our return driver was particularly punctual and nice.
  9. NeverEnufDisney

    2023 resort reservations

    We booked our May 2023 trip by phone as that is the only way now.
  10. NeverEnufDisney

    Joffreys Coffee

    I am not a big fan of Starbucks. If I do buy there it's the light blend, Pike is too bitter for me. Regardless I am wired for a couple hours. I do not mind Joffrey's. Disney switched because Nestle was decoupling itself from Disney and most people hated the Nescafe syrup that was used...
  11. NeverEnufDisney

    Trail's End at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort reopens July 17

    Remember several factors weighed on this decision. One buffets are not yet deemed safe by a good section of the public. Two Disney is still short staffed. Three what can be prepared with the current staffing. Does this mean fried chicken is gone forever? Time will tell. Personally I don't care...
  12. NeverEnufDisney

    Airline seat belts

    I weighed in that neighborhood and the worse I had to do was ask for an extender. Seat belt lengths vary from seat to seat and airline to airline so you may need it or get away without it. I never had to pay for a second seat.
  13. NeverEnufDisney

    Flight Madness - Need a new Airline

    I've flown out of Newark several times and I've found that I've been delayed almost every time. I would definitely look for other nearby airports. I avoid it like the plague.
  14. NeverEnufDisney

    POP prices in March - whew!

    Disney is employing a strategy of displaying a big price and then doing discounts so that they end up with the revenue they wanted in the first place. For those that don't use the discounts, well that's figured in as well. I started to see this after Disney recovered from 9/11 and it's only...
  15. NeverEnufDisney

    RV as a Vacation Investment For Disney and General Vacations

    I own an RV, a travel trailer, and it is not cheap. Most places do not allow you to park for free. Some Walmarts, do some don't for example. You buy an RV because you enjoy camping period. I do take my trailer to Ft. Wilderness because I enjoy the campground more than the other resorts. Do not...
  16. NeverEnufDisney

    POP prices in March - whew!

    Some will some won't. Attendance figures will tell the story. There has to be an upper limit. I have an annual pass and will attend, but I plan on being at Ft. Wilderness. I often have been at Pop Century in the past.
  17. NeverEnufDisney

    POP prices in March - whew!

    Disney is pressing their luck with rates that high with Covid depressing travel. Even with a large discount it becomes prohibitive for many families. Some industry experts are predicting that theme park attendance will continue to be depressed in 2021. Add a large hotel expense to that and...
  18. NeverEnufDisney

    Drive to Disney

    We've gone down 5 times from upstate New York, pulling a travel trailer, and yes it's a long haul. I recommend doing an overnight stay along the way. Otherwise unless you have several drivers you're wiped out for a day after arriving.
  19. NeverEnufDisney

    Power outages at some resorts (2/3)

    Well at least they identified a need. :joyfull:
  20. NeverEnufDisney

    Power outages at some resorts (2/3)

    We were at Ft. Wilderness and on Jan. 23 Trail's End had a power failure and we got free breakfast. They used takeout boxes and plastic plates for the buffet. On the 24th we had a half hour or so power failure at our cabin.
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