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  1. UKDisneyAddict

    Frozen at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the summer?

    I phoned Disney yesterday to book the premium Frozen package but was told that you cannot book this in advance and have to go to Min & Bills at 10am on the day to purchase this. I phoned back to ask another CM but was told the same thing. I'm rather confused as all of the info says to call and...
  2. UKDisneyAddict

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Thank you :) I'll be there is 6 weeks and this is definitely on my list. :happy:
  3. UKDisneyAddict

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Where exactly in Epcot can I find this?
  4. UKDisneyAddict

    'Villains Unleashed' hard ticketed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in August

    This is the first hard ticket event that I'll actually be there for :) please can anyone advise the ticket booking process, will it be online? And if so, where will I find the link?
  5. UKDisneyAddict

    Trip Report The Real Housewives of Disney-A Sept 2013 Cruise/WDW Trip Report

    Thank you for a wonderful report. I felt like I was there with you, smiling my way around 'The World' and getting teary as you left!! I'm off to Wilderness Lodge in August, so thank you for making me even more excited with your lovely photos.
  6. UKDisneyAddict

    UK's 14 day Ultimate ticket alternative?

    I think that Disney are still offering the 14 day ticket for the price of the 7 day one. It could be worth checking.
  7. UKDisneyAddict

    Hidden mickey in films

    In Mary Poppins, where Bert has a drum on his back, the side of the drum appears to have Mickey on it.
  8. UKDisneyAddict

    Disney girl names

    I like Daisy (as in Duck)!
  9. UKDisneyAddict

    Priority Fireworks Viewing!

    Have a magical time. Don't forget to sprinkle some pixie dust as you fly over!!!
  10. UKDisneyAddict

    Priority Fireworks Viewing!

    With booking through Disney online throught her UK, we got priority fireworks viewing for both Epcot & MK. We only used the MK one, which was where the yellow umbrella seating section is, sort of in front of the Tomorrowland Noodle Terrace. It was very good and we sat snuggled under blankets...
  11. UKDisneyAddict

    disney store international

    Hi, I did exactly that in January. I ordered some t-shirts from the US Disneystore site about 2 weeks before our trip and had them delivered to Pop Century. You need to ensure that the delivery address shows your arrival date so they know to hold the parcel for you. Have a great time...
  12. UKDisneyAddict

    Phoning home (UK)

    We took advantage of the free WIFI and used skype. I put £10 credit on before we left and only used £3 of it. We were there for 2 weeks and phoned home approx 6 times.
  13. UKDisneyAddict

    Help with "THE SURPRISE"

    We suprised our kids on Christmas day last year with a giant Mickey Mouse Balloon wrapped as a present. He had a sign around his neck to let them know when they were going (see my trip report for pictures). If I were to do it again though, I would not do it Christmas day. I felt that they...
  14. UKDisneyAddict

    Just how much can you do in 2 weeks at WDW?

    Thanks, the tour was a lot of fun. :sohappy: Thank you. :wave: Planning is nearly as much fun as being there! :sohappy:
  15. UKDisneyAddict

    Just how much can you do in 2 weeks at WDW?

    I really enjoyed the phot session. It was nice to get some family shots, but I really wanted the kids pictures so I could put one on a big canvas to hang in the front room. I especially loved how the ducks turned up in some of the beach pictures! :wave: Thank you for your kind words and...
  16. UKDisneyAddict

    Just how much can you do in 2 weeks at WDW?

    The afternoon was ‘Family Choice’ Gary chose to ride the train around the park as he had not been on it so far this trip. We boarded at Main Street Station and did a loop and a half to get off at Frontierland. We had lunch at Pecos Bill’s and then bought some ponchos as we didn’t want to get...
  17. UKDisneyAddict

    Just how much can you do in 2 weeks at WDW?

    When we finished, we had a second breakfast at Gasparilla’s, where we all had pancakes. We took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and went straight in to meet Mickey and Minnie as there was no wait and Gary wanted a photo wearing his medal with Mickey. Next, we checked in for...
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    Just how much can you do in 2 weeks at WDW?

    Wednesday 11th January 2012 We were up early for our busy day ahead. After breakfast in our room, we took a taxi to the Grand Floridian for our Mini Portrait Session with Disney Event Photography. We had a lovely photographer (sorry, I can’t remember her name) and she packed as many pictures...
  19. UKDisneyAddict

    Lessons Learned by a First Time Cruiser: Kids, Shuffleboard and Runners Don't Mix!

    Thanks for the great trip report. I'm hoping to include a cruise in our next trip in 2015. I'm looking forward to your next instalment. :wave:
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