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  1. stephdanielle

    Trip Report-- Lee DeWyze at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Thanks for sharing the photos - loved them all, especially the Lee Dewyze ones, I was a huge fan of his on Idol. I agree about the Backlot tour also, it just is not good anymore at all...
  2. stephdanielle

    11 Night Mediterranean Cruise – Mouse style!

    ha I love the camel pictures - that's so neat! The character pictures are all great too, I love seeing everyone in different outfits :) Glad you enjoyed Tunisia - my trip there wasn't so great but that can mostly be accounted to a bad tour guide. All these great photos and your report in...
  3. stephdanielle

    11 Night Mediterranean Cruise – Mouse style!

    Loving the trip report so far! I've been on a Mediterranean cruise before, although sadly not Disney but still amazing, and it was a blast! Malta was one of my favourite ports - so beautiful there...your pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to read more soon!! :)
  4. stephdanielle

    MNSSHP: worth doing TWICE in one trip?

    After going for the first time last year, I would definitely go more than once on a trip! I found that there was quite a lot to do and I really didn't get to do/see everything I wanted to. That may have been just because we didn't really plan everything out well or we just were taking our time...
  5. stephdanielle

    Do You Remember Your First Disney Attraction Experience?

    The first attraction I ever went on was Snow White's Scary Adventures, I think I was about 3 and a half or 4 years old...and I was completely terrified of it. And really, that's pretty much the only thing I can kind of remember from my first trip!
  6. stephdanielle

    Things that gross you out in WDW.

    I couldn't agree more! They are absolutely revolting to me, always have been, but it seems like most people like them...not sure how.
  7. stephdanielle

    "While wearing a Birthday Button at WDW..." boyfriend got 2 fastpasses for rockin roller coaster! mom got a fruit tart thing (it was huge and so yummy!) and a coffee from one of the women working at the pepper market in coronado springs! ...lots of random happy birthday wishes :)
  8. stephdanielle

    Everest Question

    that's funny, my boyfriend is so sure it goes upside down too no matter how many times i tell him it doesn't, he still insists it does! lol i'll have to show him some photographic proof!
  9. stephdanielle

    Epcot countries (not pavilions) you've visited

    Canada - live here :) USA Italy ..and I've seen as much as the airports in the UK, France, and Germany
  10. stephdanielle

    Martha Stewart Scrapbook Products

    Very true! And the papers were rather dull too!
  11. stephdanielle

    Martha Stewart Scrapbook Products

    I didn't buy it but was tempted to, mostly because it was quite cheap (less than the one I ended up buying), and it was something different. If anyone ever comes across a layout with this size or makes one, I would really like to see it...see if it is actually a reasonable thing to buy a book...
  12. stephdanielle

    Martha Stewart Scrapbook Products

    I was at Michael's today (with my 40% coupon of course:)) and while wandering around finding something good to spend it on I started to look at the Martha Stewart albums. Just wondering if anyone has ever used them, specifically the 18x18 ones? I thought it seemed like a neat idea and I was...
  13. stephdanielle

    Tigger Birthday Card and Mickey Congrats card

    Those are so cute, I absoloutely LOVE the adorable!
  14. stephdanielle

    Help with Disney "blend" words?

    Hmm...what about "automagically"? I remember it from the doors at Philharmagic, saying "doors open automagically". That's the only one I can think of, not sure if it is exactly what you mean but its all I can think of! lol
  15. stephdanielle


    Thanks so much guys, you were so helpful! Believe it or not, my boyfriend was the one that was able to do it much better than I was, not that he was too impressed with that! lol I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of pages with eyelets soon, they really do just add something different...
  16. stephdanielle


    Okay, I'm hoping that some of you on here will be able to help me out with this! I've never used eyelets before (which now that I think about it is kind of seems like everyone uses them on layouts I see here and other places) but I've been really wanting to use them in my layouts. I...
  17. stephdanielle

    Baby Album

    Wow, that looks really great! :sohappy: Like others have said, I love the papers and embellishments you've used...not just blue like you would expect for a baby boy album. I love the idea of using the same papers the whole way through, maybe I might try that with an album I'm working on. My...
  18. stephdanielle

    What was your first Disney ride ever and WHY???

    The first ride I ever went on was Snow White...and it really scared me! Apparently, I found the park scary as a whole the first time I went with the exception of only a handful or attractions. I also remember my parents bringing me on the Haunted Mansion and was beyond scared of that too...
  19. stephdanielle

    Official Photography Contest 3/7/08 - 3/13/08 Pooh & Friends

    Didn't know how to (or if I even could) change the size...hope this works okay..:shrug:
  20. stephdanielle

    Where Do You Scrapbook?

    I!! Now anytime my family says I seem to have a lot of "stuff", I know I have hardly anything in comparison! :) I wish I had such a large space, and so clean and organized, to devote to scrapboking...for now my closet works though I suppose! :)
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