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  1. TheKeeler7

    WDW needs a "port of entry"...agree or disagree

    I love this idea, both the radio station since we drive to the world, but also the DTD location, both our trips down there we start off by heading to DTD to relax and stretch after the long drive and also to take in the "Disney feel" as we prepare for the days ahead.
  2. TheKeeler7

    Best place in MK to watch the parade

    ok, I did a thread search and couldn't find anything. My friend is leaving in the morning with her 7 year old and wants to know the best place to watch the parade from.
  3. TheKeeler7

    Important information for shareholders

    One is all it takes, I got one as a gift a few years ago and have gotten checks for around $ .25 every year since
  4. TheKeeler7

    Good News From Jim Hill

    First step in getting people in the parks is getting them to the resort. This address's their biggest deficiency, affordable accomodations for large familes and/or groups of smaller families traveling together who otherwise might not be able to afford it.
  5. TheKeeler7

    Good News From Jim Hill

    " The news coming out of Lake Buena Vista these days is still lots better than anyone ever anticipated back in late October / early November. Which is why -- very quietly -- Walt Disney World has begun thawing out some previously frozen projects." " I'm talking about WDW's family suites...
  6. TheKeeler7

    Odd Things Overheard

    That just might be the new quote in my signiture.
  7. TheKeeler7

    Any Mickey 80th birthday merchandise?

    Halmark has a special edition Steam Boat Willie ornament. It's not on thier website or catalog. Luckily my DW works in a Halmark Store and bought it for me. The only place on the web I found them was E-bay.
  8. TheKeeler7

    Quick Crowd & Pop Warner Comment

    It's Offical, POP Warner time has Started. Just saw this in the Boston Herald. Sad part is there was a huge article a week or 2 back about how hard these poor boys worked and needed donations to help them afford the trip down. Amazing you would travel 1300 miles on donations to fight a team...
  9. TheKeeler7

    Best/Fastest/Easiest Route from Maine to Disney

    Definitly do the Mass Pike to 84 ( 95 thru RI and Conn is the worst) Also take the Tappen Zee as many have suggested The only thing I have not seen mentioned is FAST PASS , I'm not sure if Maine has it but you can get it from other states even if your not a resident. Just be sure to get it...
  10. TheKeeler7

    Mouse Surplus, Never Never Land

    It's actually two advert's in one since the link to the e-bay store is for a competitor of mousesurplus that was created after a fall-out between the owners.
  11. TheKeeler7

    Gas prices

    Jersey always has a lowest prices on the east coast. We make a point of stopping there and filling up along our way.
  12. TheKeeler7

    Hostage Situation at Westside DTD?!

    From the Orlando Sentinel: Bus driver taken hostage at gunpoint; forced to drive to Downtown Disney From Staff Reports 12:32 PM EDT, October 25, 2008 A man took a tour bus driver hostage briefly and forced her to drive to the Downtown Disney entertainment and shopping complex, authorities...
  13. TheKeeler7

    RnRc Contract End?

    Have you been to a Jonas Brothers concert, I've been to 2 and there were plenty of adults having a pretty good time, Mind you they were their because their kids, but isn't that the reason most have seen Toy Story. In terms of the theme, I agree, Jonas or Hannah would be a stretch, I would like...
  14. TheKeeler7

    RnRc Contract End?

    Why wouldn't it be the same. There seems to be no issue's filling the lines for Buzz, or TSM, and these are based on characters with a younger demographic. I good ride will attract the people. This is like saying I won't ride Test Track because I'm a Ford person not GM. How would this be...
  15. TheKeeler7

    Gas supply in the Disney area

    The $75 dollar limit is because that is what the stations put as a "hold" on your card when you first swipe it for approval. Once you complete your transaction they adjust the amount to what you purchased. If you go over the $75.00 and do not have room for it on your limit they won't get the...
  16. TheKeeler7

    No more smacking the possum :(

    This and the thread that started it are by far the best ones I've seen on here. What a great laugh I've had reading them.
  17. TheKeeler7

    Any WDW Rainy Day Pictures?

    DanDaMan Awesome pictures, I love the last one, great timing.
  18. TheKeeler7

    Disney World on a Budget

    We gave last trip as a christmas gift to kill to birds with one stone, and Santa was smart enough to give them things they could use on the ride down. Video games , DVD's ect. Also we told relatives ect, so some of them gave the kids Disney Dollars as gifts, that plus money earned helping...
  19. TheKeeler7

    Any WDW Rainy Day Pictures?

    My brother and I used to love when it rained hard. After a few minutes your soaked and can't get any wetter, and the lines all get shorter cause people run for cover. We have some great memories from rainy days in the parks.
  20. TheKeeler7

    Fort Wilderness Cabin Help Please!

    Assumming your traveling from the east on I4 , if you get off one exit early on South Apopka- Vineland road heading north there is a Winn-Dixe a little ways up on the right, You'll save a lot over buying food on property. ( get a Winn-Dixie card at the service desk to save more). From there...
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