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  1. AkiraRaptor

    Your recommendation for a good steak in the EPCOT area.

    We didn't much care for Shula's. We like Yachtsman, but haven't been there in at least 5 years, so with the others neg options, maybe its changed over that time. Le Cellier has always been hit or miss for us. We are trying it again this fall when we go, so here's to hoping it is a hit this time...
  2. AkiraRaptor

    Choice of restaurants

    We've been at all of the choices you listed as well. It's been a while since we've done Skipper Canteen, but from what I remember, it was fine. In my opinion there are not any "spectacular" places to eat inside MK, but that's a good place. We personally think Be Our Guest is a bit overpriced...
  3. AkiraRaptor

    Favorite dish at Yak and Yeti (Dinner)

    I've had the Kobe Beef Burger, Chicken Tikka Masala and the Bhaktapur Duck for dinners. All were excellent and would get them again. Both I and DW have never had a bad meal there.
  4. AkiraRaptor

    What Is Your WDW Resort History?

    For us, it's usually 6-7 days for each of our trips. I think our shortest trip ever has been 5 days, the longest has been 15. We are DVC owners at AKL and bought in on year one of availability. Plus, we have gone a few times before they were DVC.
  5. AkiraRaptor

    What Is Your WDW Resort History?

    AKL - 24 Polynesian - 1 Contemporary - 2 Fort Wilderness - 1 (RV with the family) a half dozen times staying outside the parks hotels
  6. AkiraRaptor

    Behind the scenes tours still available?

    We've done every one of those except the VIP and the 2 Seas tours. We just did the Rino tour 3 weeks ago. It was great. We got to touch a baby (two year old) Rino. I highly recommend. They used to have a bunch of other tours that we've done over the years too, but sadly they are gone. There...
  7. AkiraRaptor

    News Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort closing for refurbishment this summer

    I was so hoping it would be back before the end of October for our trip. We've been going to Kona every year since our honeymoon in 96. We honeymooned at Poly, so Kona was a daily thing for us on that trip. 😋 Kind of a bummer we have to break the tradition. Whispering Canyon is getting our...
  8. AkiraRaptor

    Magic Band Shipment

    It's pretty easy to do, just a little wordy in the instructions so everything was as clear as possible. I think mine showed up in the app a few day's into the shipping, so I could see them in the app before they arrived. Yes, you will, but it's part of the setup process and took me like 5...
  9. AkiraRaptor

    Where can I go for positive news?

    You can start with all the places that I and others recommended for you: The Tim Tracker Mammoth Club AllEars Disney Food Blog Paging Mr Marrow Then like pixie magic, YouTube will start dropping recommended videos in your feed. They will probably be similar vloggers and channels to the above...
  10. AkiraRaptor

    Where can I go for positive news?

    Most of those vloggers are not daily. Tim Tracker is, but they don't show Disney everyday, he has a lot of the other parks (Universal, Sea World, etc.), plus just his daily life with Jen and Jackson. It's truly a daily vlog. They post almost everyday with something, and been doing it for I...
  11. AkiraRaptor

    Magic Band Shipment

    If you go into the Disney App, select the three lines button at the lower right. Then select "MagicBands and More" from the menu. This should show you all accounts you manage that have magic bands or media that is available. Select the person you wish to manage. Depending upon how you selected...
  12. AkiraRaptor

    Where can I go for positive news?

    Yea, look at some of the vloggers...The Tim Tracker, Mammoth Club (this is Molly's new channel), Disney Food Blog, and AllEars are some of the best all around channels that cover Disney (and other places too).
  13. AkiraRaptor

    Magic Band Shipment

    Do they show linked to your account in the Disney App?
  14. AkiraRaptor

    60 Day + 10 With Multiple Room Reservations

    Well, we got the waitlisted room. Very surprised, but got an email over the weekend that they converted the two studio rooms to a 2 bedroom. Now I just need to call them this week to combine this 1 day 2 bedroom with the other 2 bedroom reservation to get the whole trip on one reservation. What...
  15. AkiraRaptor

    News Disney+ Day 2022 at Walt Disney World

    Has there been any information on renewing Disney+ for the people who originally signed up for the Disney+ Founder's Circle? Its ending in November and haven't seen if Disney is going to offer anything like it to those of us that signed up for it it originally.
  16. AkiraRaptor

    Magic Band Shipment

    Ours just arrived. So took about 41 days for me to get mine.
  17. AkiraRaptor

    How early should I buy my MagicBand+?

    Yes, mine was MDE.
  18. AkiraRaptor

    How early should I buy my MagicBand+?

    I would agree. Mine just shipped and it took over 30 days from the order date. Better to be early then not get them at all.
  19. AkiraRaptor

    What is the most over-rated and under-rated restaurants in WDW?

    I've eaten at most of the higher rated places in WDW over the last 25+ years. The most underrated I would say is Sanaa. And overrated for me would be Le Cellier. The best meal and worst meal I've had however are Narcoossee's (Best) and Coral Reef (Worst). I left Victoria and Alberts Chef Table...
  20. AkiraRaptor

    Magic Band Shipment

    I'm no fan of Chapek either, but with the MB+, I think it's just the new device rollout pains. From this thread it sounds like they are now starting to ship more regularly, and for some of us that puts it at the 30+ day mark, but for others who have earlier needs like Raxel, it doesn't seem they...
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