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  1. Squigglove

    Do UOAP's for NON-Residents ever go on sale?

    As of Nov 29, 2020, UOAP's for FL residents are on sale for $102 off. But the NON-resident passes are not. Do UOAP's for NON-residents ever go on sale? I did call, but the woman was rude and said "They're already discounted because you're getting 3 months free!" She did not answer my question.
  2. Squigglove

    Unpopular WDW Opinions

    The initial post is rather acceptable but naturally people have to go in for the kill. My mother is physically disabled and requires an ECV due to heart conditions, cancer, and arthritis among other things. It's really quite nasty to ban hurt people from the park as well as children who will...
  3. Squigglove

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    It really seems like such a racket right now. And you factor in that they are now charging to park on resort property - one is swayed to believe that they are trying to push Disney-Only transportation. Which, at least at this point, doesn't seem like the best option. This is going to take years...
  4. Squigglove

    Superhero character dining

    You know, I was wondering what the deal was that Universal and Disney both had Marvel. My son is going on 5, he's getting into superheros; IronMan and Spidrman currently top the list. For some reason I'm failing with my Batman attempts! But maybe Universal should try DC, he loves Teen Titans and...
  5. Squigglove

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    When is this supposed to be ready? I think it's great because the Gondola runs on electric, which will eliminate the fuel cost and toxicity of the buses. That's awesome! I think it's logical to assume there will still be buses, it only makes sense. But I think, like some others do, that there...
  6. Squigglove

    .What are your memories of your first time!! thanks Jakeman

    After the first trip it IS downhill!!! We went broke and needed family to wire us cash to finish the week or we'd have starved. There was no GPS!! Our tickets were long papers that got stamped (I think). But the best parts were meeting the characters from my favorite Classics - Robin Hood and...
  7. Squigglove

    Superhero character dining

    They don't even have IronMan!!! How can you even call it a Marvel Dine without IronMan????
  8. Squigglove

    Keeping kids up past bedtime to see night time attractions

    I guess it depends on the child/children. Mine was always a late nighter. We first took him when he was 1 turning 2, end of summer when things are still going on at midnight. He skipped daytime naps, and slept full nights. It was a bit disturbing to his routine but it was only a week. Once we...
  9. Squigglove

    Autographs or no autographs?

    Personally, I don't like making the people in those costumes do that. It's not easy for them and I just don't care for autographs. For me, it's photographs that matter. And even if it's something you keep up with over the years, it's going to be a different person in the costume the next time...
  10. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    That is the essential point to all this. "Vacation." Which is about freedom from obligations for a short period. This is really only going to work at the Wilderness and the Yacht. The classes at AoA and POR are too broad for this to work. I have pets. What that means is that somebody gets...
  11. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    My perspective is with regard to the topic not world news! It's been repeated here that dogs are not the problem - it's the owners, you can't give people an inch! Only a severely dull person would keep to the point of ONE dog. OBVIOUSLY if ONE dog has done it, more have also. Just because no one...
  12. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    Good. Then we agree. Since there should be NO dogs dropping anywhere on property far as I'm concerned. They have flea-bag motels for this.
  13. Squigglove

    Wolfgang Puck's still open?

    I've heard very good things about the Express locations, that's actually the one I can't wait to try.
  14. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    The fall of an empire, huh? They are so colossal now that they don't have to cater to their guests anymore. We're a dime a dozen and so are our complaints. They lose nothing. Prices up, quality down.
  15. Squigglove

    Possible return of old/favorite mascots at the parks.

    Now I'm legitimately sad. When JIMINYCR speaks on a matter you know it's valid. I was 13 on my first trip and met Prince John and the Sheriff from Robin Hood and cherished that moment and the photos forever. However, the photos were lost in a move. And I know that even though those costumes...
  16. Squigglove

    Best Rides at Disney World: Survey

    Boo. I missed it. I love surveys and polls.
  17. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    So then it is already out of control. I'm very sorry to hear it indeed. This is exactly why everyone is upset. It's not the animals. It's the people the animals belong to. Too many are completely inconsiderate. And that's where the problems come in. This IS going to be a problem. And then your...
  18. Squigglove

    Wolfgang Puck's still open?

    I read a few months back that Wolfgang Puck's was going to "close" but I haven't found any further info on this. I don't know if they meant the larger restaurant or one of the Express dines. Does anyone have this information?
  19. Squigglove

    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    I completely agree. There is too much to be considered. However, I spoke with Disney directly about this because POR is my favorite resort. They told me that the "pet friendly" areas are designated, therefore it does not really affect the rest of the resort. They aren't just going to be randomly...
  20. Squigglove

    Should I take a stroller?

    Also, since wagons are prohibited, what about these: Those trikes that lock and can be pushed like strollers. Expensive, but I'd sooner go with one of these than to have to retire early because my son just can't do anymore walking. @CherylM do...
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