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  1. Kellylynn322

    Did the Epcot Turnstile Test Succeed?

    My AP strip deactivates at least 2x a trip. I can use it in the morning and go to use it at another Park in the afternoon and the strip is bad. It's not kept with any other cards, magnets or other suggestions Disney has given me but in my pocket by itself. I hope the RFID chips aren't that...
  2. Kellylynn322

    Ticket Prices - How Much Is Too Much?

    The paying monthly for an AP is something that I have written to DVC member services a few times about. Right now my husbands pass and mine is just around $900ish with the DVC discount. We only buy them every other year to save the money for them. If we were able to pay monthly for them then...
  3. Kellylynn322

    Say Cheese! Mickey Is catching you with Red Lights.

    I actually emailed Disney after my last trip. I know they contract out the Magical Express but the driver ran 2 stops signs and 3 reds on the way to the airport. They called me and said they spoke to Mears. Maybe this will slow them down a little. I'd rather arrive 10 minutes late and alive...
  4. Kellylynn322

    Best view of MK Fireworks not in the park

    Thank you everyone! We are actually staying at the cabins at FW so all that is wonderful. I knew about the campfire but I didn't realize it was free with characters. We had planned on going over one night but that may be a nightly idea with the water pagent for a nice end of the day treat...
  5. Kellylynn322

    Best view of MK Fireworks not in the park

    Thank you. I love the picnic idea! The flights were cheaper for me to fly to Orlando and since its a short drive for them it was an easy place to meet and visit for the weekend.
  6. Kellylynn322

    Best view of MK Fireworks not in the park

    I am headed to WDW next weekend with a friend and her 3 kids for a long weekend and may not go into the parks. Where is the best place to view the fireworks from outside the park other than dinner at O'hana or the Cali Grill?? Trying to keep the weekend as cheap as possible for her with 3...
  7. Kellylynn322

    Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian

    What was in the triffle? We are thinking about going when we are there next week. TIA!
  8. Kellylynn322

    Air Tran Airways...?

    We fly them from Philly to MCO several times a year. I have never had an issue with them. The changed my Labor Day flight to be earlier in the day but I got an email from the stating that and I had the option to accept the new time or call the 800 number and change to a different flight on...
  9. Kellylynn322

    Stars of television's "The Deadliest Catch" at the Magic Kingdom

    Me too, I can watch the same episode over and over. When they have the Marathon look out!
  10. Kellylynn322

    F&W Drink around the world shirts

    I saw people wearing shirts last year that had a logo on the front and check boxes on the back with the countries listed. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could either get these or have them made. We are travelling with a group this year and thought it might be fun for us adults. THanks...
  11. Kellylynn322


    Wore them the entire time last month with no problems at all, I just put the backstrap up while on Soarin. It was my 1st trip with no blisters, no tired legs or feet. Have fun!
  12. Kellylynn322

    Casey's Brand

    Thanks, I did a forum search and I didn't get anything, thanks for the link to it. You are the best
  13. Kellylynn322

    Casey's Brand

    Does anyone know what brand of hot dogs Casey's uses??? TIA
  14. Kellylynn322

    The Official PeopleMover Thread!

    Me, Me, Me!! We quite often ask to go around again, the cast member sometimes laughs at us but lets us go.
  15. Kellylynn322


    Potato and Cheddar Soup from Grand Floridian Cafe??? Does anyone have the recipe for the Potato Cheddar soup from the Grand Floridian Café? We had it in August for our anniversary trip and would love to make it at home...I have other potato soup recipes but nothing like how good that soup was.
  16. Kellylynn322

    To those couples who go to Disney...

    My husband and I just dined at Yachtsman for our anniversary and it was amazing! They brought me a rose and wished us a Happy Anniversary and brought us a small anniversary dinner to share. Also, Any place in the parks but when you call ask when the park closes and try to get a time as...
  17. Kellylynn322

    October Role Call

    We will be crusing Oct 26th-29 and then parking it from the 29th-Nov 3rd. At the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge! Its our 1st cruise and I can't wait! Kelly
  18. Kellylynn322

    75 Inspearations Statue Auction

    No that one was there at the same time. I think either Circle Vision or the Chocolate one relaced hers.
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