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  1. Nastory4

    Underappreciated Rides - What’s Your Favorite?

    I agree. Wife doesn't care for it as much, but the rest of us enjoy the singing and the clapping along. Plus nice to sit in air conditioning.
  2. Nastory4

    101 Points to Rent / Transfer

    All points are gone. Enjoy your trip
  3. Nastory4

    101 Points to Rent / Transfer

    $12 if you take all
  4. Nastory4

    101 Points to Rent / Transfer

    I also have 101 points that need to be used by September 30, 2020
  5. Nastory4

    Polynesian Villas - 5 Night Lakeview Studio For Rent

    We are unable to use our five night (145 points) reservation starting on August 11, 2020. Anyone interested in taking it, please PM me for details. Thank you.
  6. Nastory4

    Rent a Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villa without being a DVC member

    Amazing how you explained a situation in a matter of minutes. After CM (who was extremely nice) handed me over to a Supervisor, it was very disturbing to hear how backed up they are and that this is the way that it is. Timeshare laws or not, it would have made me less annoyed if I wasn't on...
  7. Nastory4

    Rent a Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villa without being a DVC member

    Same situation with DVC. We have five nights booked in August at The Poly Villas. After hearing New Jersey requires a 14 day self quarantine, we opted not to go. Don't have that much vacation time. For weeks I was trying to get in touch with Member Services. After finally talking to a cast...
  8. Nastory4

    Best MK Area Resort

    We as well, but need to asterisk. Stayed at Bay Lake Towers, never officially at the Contemporary. We like having the marinara right there for fishing and such, plus the walk to MK.
  9. Nastory4

    Muppet Plaza/Streets of America

    Maybe they can move it.
  10. Nastory4

    Is this magical or creepy?

    I think that is awesome. I like that type of customer interaction.
  11. Nastory4

    Another future failure for Disney bean counters

    I don't have a problem with any themed night. However, I am a huge minority in the fact that I really don't care for Star Wars or the fact that a land is coming. Simply put, my curiosity will get to me so we will check it out however, if we continue not to like it, we'll avoid it, and hope every...
  12. Nastory4

    Is this magical or creepy?

    I don't mind it. Actually it makes me feel more at home, and probably helps the CM's start a conversation to add to the personal guest experience.
  13. Nastory4

    What happened to the safari?

    As an adult, I could care less about the radio call, however, the kids seemed to think it was real ( and cool).
  14. Nastory4

    Best Attraction at Any Disney Park of All Time

    Pirates and Haunted for the classic. then TOT and RNRC
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