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  1. nicb88

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    This looks like it could result in a significant loss of parking spaces in the existing parking lot. I hope not, though! I realise there’s more parking coming at Island Tower but with the addition of rooms/guests I imagine it’ll still be an overall loss.
  2. nicb88

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    I’ve heard it’s multiple dining locations. But I’m unsure whether this means a restaurant, bar and pool bar, or table service and quick service, for example. Many combinations could be had!
  3. nicb88

    Yacht Club Refurbishment for Some Rooms Slated For Early 2025

    I wonder if this is much to do with the rooms that allow dogs inside, and whether they require refurb sooner than others?
  4. nicb88

    EPCOT introduces new dishes at Coral Reef and Le Cellier

    They really need to rethink the plant based entrees at Le Cellier. They had some amazing impossible Asian dumplings for quite a few years, then they’ve replaced them with iterations of a tart/pie which have not really hit the mark.
  5. nicb88

    New DAS System at Walt Disney World 2024

    Re points 1 and 2, DAS isn’t just a ‘free’ version of Genie for disabled people. It’s a way of avoiding physically queuing. You still have to wait the queue time to get on the ride. So in that sense it’s unlimited in the same way as it would be queuing physically.
  6. nicb88

    Dining Plan?

    Just curiosity, as they’re all far too expensive now, but any signs of the deluxe plan coming back?
  7. nicb88

    Dining Plan?

    Just FYI free dining for UK is back for 2025.
  8. nicb88

    Is the GF to Poly path open?

    There is already a plan in place for a new bus loop where the existing resort entrance is, with a new guest resort entrance from Floridian Way once the changes are put in place. How long that will be, who knows… But this has hijacked the walking path question which was answered. Hopefully it’ll...
  9. nicb88

    Disney Destiny

    Forgive my ignorance about DCL but what is the issue with the Wish?
  10. nicb88

    Construction walls up along Grand Avenue at Hollywood Studios. New snack stand coming?

    I feel the same. More like something you’d find further out in wider LA. I also wonder how long until what happened at Energy Bytes happens here and they remove the specialty snacks.
  11. nicb88

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    It appears they haven’t yet finished updating it as it’s now showing all parks for Feb 4 and Feb 6.
  12. nicb88

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    Just for info, the three DVC longhouses always had balconies/terraces on all three floors as they were later additions to the resort. They weren’t retrofitted 🙂
  13. nicb88

    Trip Report After Hours - Epcot- Review

    It’s a shame that World Showcase is closed between China and Morocco. Really, that should be open to allow guests to optimise their experience, as well as take some nice nighttime photography even if the pavilions are closed. I’ll be going in a week or so, hopefully some of the kinks are ironed...
  14. nicb88

    DAS Advance Selections change?

    It’s strange cause the website explicitly states the days have to be within 30 days, which all of mine are. But that’s clearly not the rule they’re going by. The story changes with each cast member. I went back yesterday and it was that you can book a total of 7 days, then the rest after your...
  15. nicb88

    Refurbishment coming to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort lobby

    If this is as far as they go, I'd consider it a lucky escape. I worry they'll try modernise too much and it'll lose its identity/feel.
  16. nicb88

    News V.I.PASSHOLDER Days Coming in June at Walt Disney World

    I realise this is temporary, and perhaps better than no offering, but it is pretty meagre.
  17. nicb88

    DAS Advance Selections change?

    Ahh not to worry :) thank you for your input! I stay a while when I visit as I’m coming from the UK. The 7 days is just a new thing I hadn’t heard of and there’s no mention of it in the website guidance.
  18. nicb88

    DAS Advance Selections change?

    That’s how it has been for me previously. They’re now saying you can only pick the first 7 days of a stay in the pre interview, the rest of the advance choices to be done after your first day in a park. This seems to be a new thing.
  19. nicb88

    Refurbishment coming to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort lobby

    Now that Chapek has left and the refurbishment is edging nearer, is there any inkling as to how this will go down? My hope is it’s going to be closer to a refresh and carpet change above all else, as I don’t see the need for drastic reconstruction, but I just don’t know whether I trust the...
  20. nicb88

    DAS Advance Selections change?

    Just an update that I've noticed others having faced this same issue on other message boards, though it seems unclear whether it's a new rule or not or just more heavily enforced. It isn't mentioned anywhere on the WDW website.
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