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  1. KeithVH

    Lighthouse Point to welcome guests in Summer 2024

    Just one last thought. Considering the design limitations of the pier, isn't that exactly the scenario for why the PeopleMover was invented? Kinda makes you wonder . . .
  2. KeithVH

    Lighthouse Point to welcome guests in Summer 2024

    The trams will never go out there, Not enough room for them to reverse. How many golf carts do they have? How many people over 70+ in a sailing can't make it that far in the heat of the day? Betcha more than they can accommodate. A lot of us have no personal problem but that's such a minority of...
  3. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    That last one is something I'd really like to know too. Someone has to have the answer here, right?
  4. KeithVH

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    OMG - you just had to go and say that out loud . . .
  5. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    That is VERY nice. I think of my school's dirt path and cardboard ticket booth that cost at least $39.95 and I has a sad . . .
  6. KeithVH

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Does that then mean I4 is the highway to the dangerzone?
  7. KeithVH

    Doctor Who (BBC & Disney+ 2023)

    I stopped watching in the middle of Capaldi. I realized eps like "The Girl in The Fireplace", "Voyage Of The Damned", or "A Christmas Carol" (I love Katherine Jenkins voice) were becoming VERY few and far between. Got tired of some of the crap going on with the show. I won't even go into detail...
  8. KeithVH

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Yeah! And I bet as soon as they get the Yeti fixed, they'll straighten this brand new problem ASAP . . .
  9. KeithVH

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Well, that definitely looks like local city park quality level work . . .
  10. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    I think Rainforest had an unsustainable business model. Too many variations on a theme that could not be accommodated. Not that they were all bad. I remember they had a program at the Mall of America store back in the late 90s. My one daughter spent a whole day with their bird caretakers...
  11. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    Sadly enough, Coke's axe on NNK's neck didn't help around here either . . .
  12. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    Thems a fightin' words . . .
  13. KeithVH

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    HA! Just found this reading back thru. Shows how much you know. There is only one acceptable ginger ale and that is VERNORS. Anything else is a poor imitation.
  14. KeithVH

    Yacht club vs contemporary

    I kinda agree with networkpro, walking distances will definitely be different. I'll add that, unless you're partial to monorail loop dining options like Naroossees or Ohanas, you'll have a wider variety of options around YC. And, has been said, one of the best places for Epcot-oriented visits.
  15. KeithVH

    One lens to rule them all . . .

    The 24-105 was next on my list until the 200-800 was announced. It's not an L but I'm fascinated with the reach. Birding with the 70-200 isn't cutting it. Add the macro in and I'm back up to a fully loaded backpack again.<sigh> Anyways, the 24-105 may be the solution. At least a fair...
  16. KeithVH

    One lens to rule them all . . .

    Well, at this point, w/o the kids (which is still somewhat rare as they invite themselves on our vacations), I have the luxury to either (a) go in with DW and enjoy the parks or (b) go in to specifically shoot. 99% of the time I never mix the two. She is super understanding but I hate her having...
  17. KeithVH

    One lens to rule them all . . .

    I almost always have my 14-35L on my FF. But I guess I could drag along the 24-105. Then you add another battery or two, a couple more cards. Yadda yadda, yadda. When I hike I wear a vest and extra gear evenly distributed. Besides being too dang hot, can't imagine doing that in the parks.
  18. KeithVH

    Obscure/forgotten/old Disney IPs that you like to have a ride in the parks

    They COULD have turned Splash into Bald Mountain. They have enough dramatic music. And put Chernabog right outside the opening of the drop. Yeah, I'd ride that.
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