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  1. jayrose

    Disneyland.. worth it?

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I'm sure it has. I'm planning a vacation in California for 10 days driving down the coast and I have a few questions. 1. Is Disneyland worth it? I've some people say not to waste a day on it. I go to the World once a year and really want to do...
  2. jayrose

    Next Free Dining Promo?

    I know Disney usally releases a free dining promotion around this time for the end of August. Has anyone heard anything or know when it will come out? Thanks!
  3. jayrose

    Email addresses compromised through Disney Destinations!

    I was just about to post here if anyone got this e-mail. I just received it with through my Yahoo account. Over the passed week Yahoo has asked me to change my password 3 times and I couldn't think of why. I've had the same password since I had the email 10 something years ago. This is...
  4. jayrose

    dining plan promo switch question?

    I currently am set to go back to the World on Aug 17 and are using one of their save whatever % on the room. Today I received in the the mail a promo for free dining which last day is Aug 13. My question(s) are.. 1. Do you guys know if they will extend it for me til Aug 17 or will they be...
  5. jayrose

    Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

    Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Part.. what is it and is it worth it?
  6. jayrose

    Ways of saving for Disney

    being a mets fan what i did was once the season started last year i put away 5 dollars for each win, 10 dollars for a shutout, extra 5 if they swept a series.. unfortunately they're the mets so the money won't be as much as being a sox, phils, or yanks fan, but i still managed to get around...
  7. jayrose

    When does new Free Dining promo come out?

    When does the free dining promotion come out for June or late spring/early summer? Thanks
  8. jayrose

    AAA Disney Deals

    I know that AAA has discounts inside the park like percentages off dining and some gift shops. But does anyone when AAA will have new offers for the upcoming year, their recent vacation packages just ended on the 20th and was wondering when their new promotions would start? Thanks!
  9. jayrose

    ESPN The Weekend.. is it worth it?

    Hey guys I'm considering going to for ESPN this year in March and I was wondering if it's worth, and what crowd level throughout the parks and wait times for lines are? Thanks!
  10. jayrose

    Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

    Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! Now lets party.
  11. jayrose

    Games you play while in the park?

    what my friends and i have done in past while we were waiting on the line for soarin' is that we would scare people. this is done in the long line queue. there is a pretty high wall.. not super high.. but high enough where on myself or one of my friends while we stand in regular line one of us...
  12. jayrose

    mickey mouse birthday call?

    hey guys my friends birthday is on wednesday and i heard theres something where you can have a recorded message from mickey call a phone and say happy birthday or something of that sort. anyone know what the site is where i can set that up if it is true?
  13. jayrose

    walt disney vacation club "store"?

    ok so i was at roosevelt field mall (it's located on long island) this past weekend and came across a new store being built. it was a walt disney vacation club store thing it was being built so i couldnt c anything inside, you know how things look when they're building new stores at the mall...
  14. jayrose

    WOW, Site looks great Steve!!

    ..i don't see it.
  15. jayrose

    my mickey pumpkin carving.. as per request

    i did use a stencil so you gotta give the disney carving kit some of the credit. :ROFLOL:it wasnt to hard to do just a bit tedious it took about an hour. the gf cut her finger, shes ok though no worries. im glad you all enjoy the pics. lets go jets!
  16. jayrose

    Are there any restaurants you would like to see @ WDW?

    i'd like to see the animator's palette, the one they have on the disney cruise where everything changes color throughout your meal, come to the dis. might be a little hard to do since the timing of everything that goes on. but would be cool to see.
  17. jayrose

    my mickey pumpkin carving.. as per request

    thanks for everyone who helped with me getting the mickey carving ideas.. here's the finish products. im not artist. ignore the gf she a special one.
  18. jayrose

    mickey mouse pumpkin ideas.. help please

    hello all. just got a pumpkin today and want to put a mickey carving on it. i was wondering if anyone has any short of stencils they found online that i can't print out or any pictures of something they've done with pumpkin and mickey. thanks.
  19. jayrose

    Why do people seem to dislike It's a Small World?

    those puppets are scary.
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