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  1. Lita

    Next Gen Busses

    Haven’t heard anything about that yet. I do recommend that if you encounter this issue to let the driver know as this isn’t something that we test out plus Drivers aren’t allowed to use it either
  2. Lita

    Next Gen Busses

    Disney plans more Wraps in the coming months, already have Peter Pan and a Cinderella Bus now. WiFi is being added to All Buses Wrapped or Not (New and old buses) USB ports will only be on Newer Buses that have the blue floors Disney is putting in a New Dispatch system on all Buses. It’s...
  3. Lita

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    My thinking is they should stagger boarding groups to be released throughout the day. In other words you start with 40 groups in the morning. Once it gets into the afternoon, they release another 40 groups to be available starting after 12 noon. Then if time allows and everything is working...
  4. Lita

    Any ideas whats going on behind World Showplace ?

    Construction on the Mary Poppings attraction perhaps
  5. Lita

    If you're banned for life, how does Disney keep track and enforce the ban?

    The Finger print on the Magic Band is Disabled is one way they do it
  6. Lita

    Big update to My Disney Experience app will bring navigation capability

    The Bus system has two different ways buses are Dispatched, In the Mornings prior to 11 am, The Buses are Dispatched from the closest Theme Park Location, (Meaning for instance, Magic Kingdom Bus Area dispatches all the park routes going to and from the MK Area Resorts), , After 11 am the buses...
  7. Lita

    Big update to My Disney Experience app will bring navigation capability

    Currently, Disney must update the systems that Dispatch the Buses, This system is very old (20+ years technology) Once all the Computers in the Buses have been swapped out with new systems. I am sure you see the times on the MDE App appear. Those that might remember the special bus last year at...
  8. Lita

    Paint the night is not moving to Disney World. Stop bumping this.

    No, they have to walk a Mile to where their Offices are on Main Street (3rd Floor above the Gift Shops).
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