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  1. Jerm

    New "Caring for Giants" $30.00 Experience Debuts at Animal Kingdom on March 12 2017

    I did it and really enjoyed it.
  2. Jerm

    Indiana Jones to close this month?

    And that is the problem with Traditions! One of my CM friends told me how excited she was that she worked on the Jungle Cruise and Robin Williams worked on it in Disneyland also...yeah didn't happen! Cast members just repeat what they hear from other cm's who repeat what they hear from internet...
  3. Jerm

    Reflections of Earth improvements including new lasers

    It's actually from between Morocco and France, I had never watched it from back that way till last night.
  4. Jerm

    No more Walter:-( Holiday Tag changed...

    Last night the new Holiday Tag for IllumiNations started with less fireworks, no more Walter, and a little was a bit sad.
  5. Jerm

    Donald and Daisy to begin new meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    It is fun to have them in classic outfits, but I do agree that DAK is a good place to have them in more themed outfits. As for everyone saying they should stick rare characters out...think about it from everyone else's point of view. I would love Oswald, Ducktails, Gargoyles, and every other...
  6. Jerm

    SOFT OPENING WATCH - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

    CM are in training right now. They do have the basic crew they have been running with already trained but that is just for a shift at a time. Walls are still up, but they will and have done cast testing with walls still up to keep park guests out. Dedication is happening on May 2nd but not to...
  7. Jerm

    Park Updates.

    I am pretty sure I was walking past you in the hub today while you were taking this picture!
  8. Jerm

    Mine Ride Construction Update

    word going around the Disney Travel is they pushed back the opening to summer now!
  9. Jerm

    New CD set

    it's just called Disney Classics, it was at Mouse Gears today.
  10. Jerm

    When Snow White's Scary Adventures was dismantled...

    Here's the best version you can find of SWSA!
  11. Jerm

    IllumiNations New Preshow Music

    Just to clear up things it is still the 1999 loop as of Saturday night and Thursday night. I don't know what people were hearing on Friday night but the old loop is the current music!
  12. Jerm

    IllumiNations New Preshow Music

    I was there last night and it was the old loop still, I will be there tomorrow and check which loop it is again.
  13. Jerm

    First concept art for *cringes* phineas & ferb redo of Imagination?

    Hasn't this been covered A LOT before. And Theme Park Connection is a store that sells stuff bought from Cast Connection and Property Control
  14. Jerm

    New Disney Parks CD to release this year!

    Test Track track is very airy pop type version of the "theme" lots of strings and gets old pretty fast. The Throne Room track is horrible! It's very hard to screw up a Star Wars track but they did it! Also the Tiki Room track which is a "new" track is not even the mk version, just a lift off DL...
  15. Jerm

    Backlot Tour "addition"

    Wow, just wow!!! I do feel like I need to go tot he studios today to get a picture of it on my own before someone goes "hey guys aren't we just kinda ing on Walt's grave now?" Sorry for the harsh word but in this case I feel it is just!
  16. Jerm

    Backlot Tour "addition"

    It is morning now......will this be bigger than a bread box?
  17. Jerm

    New Boats on Pirates

    Since my tweet this morning started all this talk, here is the picture I tweeted out. you can follow me for updates all the time from the parks.
  18. Jerm

    New Disney Parks CD to release this year!

    I know it's been out for a month, just hadn't seen anyone post about it.
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