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  1. boufa

    News EPCOT's World Showcase concrete improvements move to the Japan pavilion

    Hopefully more than 1 person. I disagree with your premise that it's deliberate. I think it adds up mostly because we are used to it and it provides contrast between pavillions. With all of the glaring holes, I find it surprising that anyone thinks these pavilions have any sort of accuracy...
  2. boufa

    Orlando Becoming East Coast Headquarters for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

    None of this matters... Eventually, the supreme court (if it even bothers to get that far) will overturn the Reedy Creek thing and everything will move forward. But Disney can't move forward until the court rules, because they have to show harm... and Desantis could say... "how were you...
  3. boufa

    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    But they DID target Disney specifically. The governor was very clear that this law was passed to hurt Disney for its political stance. The US Supreme court has ruled MANY TIMES that the government cannot punish a business entity for its political views, or in retaliation for it's public...
  4. boufa

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    I was there last week... this is more of a clarification than anything else... cast members were all over the place with the enforcement of the policy. Rode Haunted Mansion several times... 1 cast member wanted masks as soon as we entered the que, by the middle of liberty square, one time the...
  5. boufa

    NBA Experience at Disney Springs

    As much as there is a lot of "expert" opinions here, and we all seem to know better than anyone at Disney, almost to the point of hate... Who didn't see this coming?!?!?!? The best thing that happened was the pandemic in this case... it forced Disney to look at it, rather than have it linger...
  6. boufa

    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    I absolutely hate speculation articles. Any time I see, likely, could, may, might, expected... I just move on. It's all a guess, and in this case, it isn't even an educated guess. They have had different fast pass systems at every park in the world up until now. Why are we so certain that...
  7. boufa

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    No... that is not what is being said (at least not mostly) the problem is we give all new equal weight. There are breakthrough cases, there always have been a few and there still are... but they are an extreme minority of the overall cases. The vaccine still works very well, and it does it's...
  8. boufa

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    I am not who you asked, but I agree with them... Masks and mandates the first time... we had no cure, we were all victims, we were all possibly going to get it, or give it. Mask requirements this time... we are all responsible for those who chose to not vaccinate. I was responsible, I did...
  9. boufa

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    If it wasn't a contributing factor to the death then it would be considered falsification. In the end, there is no systemic evidence that the numbers are artificially inflated in any way. Figure in jail, figure in the media, figure in the whistleblowers... 99% of all the believed conspiracies...
  10. boufa

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Falsifying a death certificate is a felony in every state in the US. Period... full stop. No doctor is going to knowingly falsify a death certificate for any reason that does not benefit him directly. (hopefully never, but definitely not for the hospital's financial gain). The doctor would...
  11. boufa

    My thesis is on immersive lands in theme parks, and filling out this survey will help me get data!

    Certainly not telling you your school business, but remember that this "fan" base is very biased, and definitely not representative of the general population. (Even though most of them think they are average fans). For example, 99% of the people here hate adding IP to the parks... most of the...
  12. boufa

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Different bucket, but same ocean. In a world where things are cut from WDW due to the cost of buying Fox, or Shanghai, etc there is no bucket that is not connected when drawing from the same ocean.
  13. boufa

    Third parking garage coming to Disney Springs

    I lead with "I could be wrong" and I was... thanks!
  14. boufa

    News Friendship Boat Service to Epcot unavailable due to Skyliner construction

    It was a joke based on all of the complaining about how far of a walk it is from the DHS bus stops to the front gate. Maybe they need a boat from the bus stops to the gates.
  15. boufa

    Third parking garage coming to Disney Springs

    Any word on when those pictures were taken? I am certainly no expert and could be very wrong, but the Christmas tree walk was in the Lemon surface lot when I was there a few weeks ago, and there is no sign of it in the photos. That would put these photos mid-October at latest. The Lemon...
  16. boufa

    News Friendship Boat Service to Epcot unavailable due to Skyliner construction

    Is it a shorter walk from the Boardwalk to DHS or from the bus stops to DHS :cool:
  17. boufa

    News Friendship Boat Service to Epcot unavailable due to Skyliner construction

    The outrage is that they are blaming this clear money saving budget cut, on construction. When will Disney stop lying to us about all of the cuts? #BlameFox I mean really, they just need to pull the cables, can't they do it at night, why does it take weeks to complete? They are going slow...
  18. boufa

    News Muppet Vision 3D operating under reduced hours

    I am wondering... thinking out loud... making no sense I am sure... Mama Melrose throws a wrench into my thoughts, but maybe they need to make more noise and disruption with Galaxies Edge construction, and that closing this corner for a few more hours a day gives them more construction hours?
  19. boufa

    News 2018 ABC Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World

    They just announced the new decorations set up for Toy Story Land begins on Nov 8th... coincidence, nope, I doubt it.
  20. boufa

    Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios 2018

    Damn, my HS day is Nov 6th, 2 days early... time to rework the schedule
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