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  1. wtyy21

    Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

    Actually, the video has come from Shanghai Disneyland (or Shanghai Disney Resort precisely), see the end of the video, certainly contained that logo.
  2. wtyy21

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    Disney Illuminations has been return, with significant changes regarding the number of spotlights, pyro, and scenes that already told weeks ago. EDIT: The duration of the show was shortened to roughly 16 minutes, and the post-show announcements moved again to after exit music (If You Can Dream)...
  3. wtyy21

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    Here's the final performance of Disney Dreams! nighttime spectacular. From tomorrow, the modified version of Disney Illuminations will return to the park with all techs that utilized for Dreams! return in April last year will be used for the show, including new LED lightings installed in the...
  4. wtyy21

    Pixar considering rebooting some of it's earlier films

    I want rather ro see much of Pixar films be rebooted with a remastered 4K UHD format, that which encourage the moviegoers to see the Pixar films in a format that were never seen before at theaters. Both films are released when 4K UHD is still in infancy or not yet developed.
  5. wtyy21

    Moana 2 (Disney Animation - November 2024)

    Well, the new original music from Moana 2 isn't revealed yet. I suspected the new original music for this sequel may be revealed during D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event in Anaheim from August 9 until 11. From that event, we may see further details of the sequel, including its new soundtrack...
  6. wtyy21

    Disneyland 70th Anniversary Thread - Wishlist, Rumors, Speculation, Announcements

    I don't have many wishlist for Disneyland 70th, but the strong possibility regarding the announcement of DL's 70th is the announcement of the return of Maleficent dragon at Fantasmic (albeit with better fire-supression system) with the return of Evil Queen to Old Hag transformation sequence, the...
  7. wtyy21

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    Seven years after that, it was still as it, even when no dragon has present this year. Hopeful, in the future when the new dragon was announced, DL could bring back its monumental transformation sequence, since it was a favorite segment for many in west coast prior to 2017 revamp. At least DHS...
  8. wtyy21

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    I rather excited to see whether Disney Experiences management will announce the return of the dragon at two big D23 events: in Anaheim this August, and in Brazil this November. These big D23 events i think would be served as opportunity to announce the new dragon replacement of Murphy at either...
  9. wtyy21

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    I'm see in the video that there's a change of post-show. Imagination song from defunct TDS version no longer heared at post-show. Instead, the original pre-2017 Fantasmic! exit music appeared twice, before closing announcement in English and Spanish, and after that billingual announcement.
  10. wtyy21

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    The show's finale music feels slightly reorchestrated for me.
  11. wtyy21

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    Walt Disney Pictures new on-screen logo (essentially post-100th anniversary logo) has been debuted at Disney+ documentary film "The Beach Boys" (Out of My Mind has released on January 19 at Sundance Film Festival, but is not released until this fall on Disney+, so Out of My Mind may be the first...
  12. wtyy21

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    I would rather see the return of some elements taken from old B-Mode F! 1.0 when Maleficent rising up in her tower during battle scene, combined with B-mode dragon projections from F! 2.0 that after Maleficent dragon in projection form sparking fire, the projection itself will turned off.
  13. wtyy21

    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    He now confirms us at media conference with MoffettNathason that all future Disney Parks project would be IP-based (including acquired ones that most recently from 20th century fox), not original stories.
  14. wtyy21

    Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery Announce Disney+, Hulu and Max Bundle

    Not really related to Disney and WBD thing but the new streaming bundle combo would rival Disney+, Hulu, and Max bundle.
  15. wtyy21

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    DE is returning but exclusively for After-hours event, in which for this year is still running until June 27. Additionally, DLP's Dreams, Epcot Forever, and MK's HEA were returned at the same month last year but in different dates (HEA and EF on April 3 but ended on December 4 for EF, Dreams on...
  16. wtyy21

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    The new TV series will be the first time released under Disney Junior new branding, shortened as "Disney Jr." (but may still pronounced as Disney Junior verbally). In fact, it will be the first rebrand of Disney Junior for more than 13 years in existence.
  17. wtyy21

    News Wondrous Journeys firework show coming to Disneyland

    Not really related to this topic, but Together Forever gets early showing (soft preview) yesterday. We seen that there's much replacement of many scenes, particularly the inclusion of Elemental, Turning Red, Onward, Luca, and Soul. Additionally, the finale song gets reorchestrated, the runtime...
  18. wtyy21

    News Happily Ever After fireworks show returning to Magic Kingdom in 2023

    If you refer to original DE, yes. But, when Walt, Roy, Mickey, and park segments added in August 2022 and therefore becoming a 18-minute show, the 5 bigger spotlight effects at either sides were turned off due to problems resulting from turning on the larger falcon beam effects (it must be...
  19. wtyy21

    Disney Enchantment fireworks returning to Magic Kingdom in 2024

    Also for the first time without "50" crest.
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