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  1. RoadiJeff

    Magic Band+ color

    It depends on which shade of pink you order. The one I posted the other day is called Dark Pink on the Disney Store website. The one the other person posted is called Light Pink. Both shades of pink are listed for sale there.
  2. RoadiJeff

    WDW's Space Mountain is REALLY bad

    SM feels like they have slowed down the speed since I first rode it in 1975 and thus it is a little less exciting, except for the time the girl stumbled as she was reaching in to check that my seatbelt was secure and her hand ended up somewhere else. :D Anyway, I like the special occasions...
  3. RoadiJeff

    year you first went to WDW

    1975. It was a HS graduation gift from my parents. My first trip to Disneyland was around 1961. My parents would hold me as we watched the fireworks each night and I would point out certain ones and say things like, "Big shiny" or "Little shiny".
  4. RoadiJeff

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Funnel cakes! I never noticed that there before. I always get a funnel cake at the Epcot American Pavilion but now I have another place to visit whenever I go back, sometime after Test Track is open again and Tiana's is open to everyone.
  5. RoadiJeff

    Left Or Right?

    In that case, my wife would go one way and I would go the other. We would meet back on Main Street. It has worked well for us for over 38 years...and counting. :D Politics aside, I've read that people tend to gravitate toward the right side when there are multiple lines. Thus, I always...
  6. RoadiJeff

    Relief band for motion sickness

    Thanks for the tip about the pressure bands. I get motion sickness fairly easily and my wife wants us to go on a cruise. I was considering wearing one of those but not anymore. For Disney and Universal, I take regular Dramamine a few hours before I head to the parks. It seems to help a...
  7. RoadiJeff

    Grand Floridian Advice!

    The Delete button should be right there at the bottom of your post.
  8. RoadiJeff

    News Tiana's Bayou Adventure Virtual Queue and Lighting Lane status

    Try tapping the Refresh button slightly before 1pm, maybe 0.5-0.75 seconds before then. It factors in network delay times by doing that. Also, use the atomic clock time from the government website if you want to be precise. Those things got me BG #1 for TRON and GotG when I was there last fall.
  9. RoadiJeff

    Grand Floridian Advice!

    Stay at the Pestana Orlando Suites Lake Buena Vista for around $100 per night and drive to the Grand Floridian if you want to look around at the holiday decorations. ;)
  10. RoadiJeff

    Magic Band+ color

    Here's what my wife's pink MagicBand looks like.
  11. RoadiJeff

    Can We Limit The Size of a Backpack

    Yes, but people still had small children before backpacks became so popular. Somehow, they managed without them back then.
  12. RoadiJeff

    Solo Trip

    Sounds boring so far.
  13. RoadiJeff

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    And then in the winter they could convert Tiana's Bayou Adventure into a bobsled run. ;)
  14. RoadiJeff

    Can We Limit The Size of a Backpack

    It makes me wonder how we all managed to survive before backpacks became so popular if people think they cannot live without carrying one around now.
  15. RoadiJeff

    Explain the appeal of Test Track

    My job is affiliated with GM, the sponsor of Test Track, so I get free employee access to their VIP lounge. I can take other people with me but I I have to be there in person. Unfortunately, I am not planning on visiting WDW around Thanksgiving.
  16. RoadiJeff

    What is you guys' opinion on the universal studios theme parks?

    I don't care much for Universal. It seems that they are all about faster, spinning rides and I may have enjoyed that type of thing 40 years ago but not anymore. My wife and I are not Harry Potter fans, either. I stay away from TRON and Guardians at Disney but most everything else is enjoyable...
  17. RoadiJeff

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Although it's not officially summer until June 20. ;)
  18. RoadiJeff

    Do you have to actually be inside the park to get the 1pm virtual queue?

    Keep in mind that if you are getting a VQ for a group of people they also must have scanned into the park at some time prior to 1pm, not just you. Also, the 1pm window opening duration varies quite a lot lately. Within the past week the window has closed in less than 3 seconds. Then on the...
  19. RoadiJeff

    Thrifty Car Rental - Price Difference

    Before you rent from Thrifty at MCO do a quick google search and read the reviews. You may not think their cheap price is worth it after that. I was very lucky when I rented from them a few years ago but my experience was apparently not the norm. Google search "Thrifty car rental MCO" and read...
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