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  1. WTBAD

    Who would be a great alternative to Rock N Rollercoaster?

    Steppenwolf- magic carpet ride &/or born to be wild
  2. WTBAD

    Has Disney Pricing Increases/Atmosphere Cuts Altered YOUR FAMILIES WDW Attendance?

    First time was in 1994. Then yearly starting in 1999. We started going 2 or 3 times a year about 2003 and purchased annual passes each year. Since 2016 we've cut back to once a year and stay 5 days instead of 6 or 7 and don't do AP's anymore and we don't do the Halloween or Christmas parties...
  3. WTBAD

    MNSSHP....What are you going as????

    I'm in the doghouse. Posted everybody in costume except the grandbaby. She will be with us on the 23rd.
  4. WTBAD

    MNSSHP....What are you going as????

    Took the family in 09. We will probably use the same costumes.
  5. WTBAD

    To stay on park grounds or off park grounds?

    First off, let me say welcome to the boards. We've stayed off site once. That was enough. Unless you plan spending a lot of time at other parks around Orlando, stay on property. Not having to drive while you're there is a big plus, at least to me who does all of the driving. The perks are well...
  6. WTBAD

    I know Im not the only "oldie" that still loves

    I'll be 59 in June. We've been at WDW every year for my birthday since 1999. We've gone two to four times a year since 2003. Our kids have a hard time keeping up with the wife & I. This will be the first year since 99 we haven't been at the World on my birthday & Father's Day. We're going just a...
  7. WTBAD

    Rewards Redemtion Card

    It is possible, but takes a while and a determined way to pay your bills. We use our rewards card for just about everything, from groceries to paying homerowners insurance and property taxes. In a littler over 3 years we've earned 1,462 points. For 5 nights at a value resort, base ticket w/park...
  8. WTBAD

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    Wait!!! The Book!!!!! To Serve Man!!!! It's a cookbook.
  9. WTBAD

    MNSSHP question.....

    I haven't found anything that WDW offers that is not worth the money. My Wife & I. My kids, The oldest is 30 & the youngest is 20. They have hounded me since we got back form our trip last Oct to take them back. But the wife & I are thinking about going by ourselves this year.
  10. WTBAD

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    I had heard about them, but this was the first time I actually got to see them.
  11. WTBAD

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    Nurse Brenna, great action shot.
  12. WTBAD

    Just for fun: What would be the worst RnR re-theme?

    The Captain & Tennnille Helen Reddy Partridge Family The Monkeys
  13. WTBAD

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    On Mainstreet MK at Crystal Arts.
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