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    WDW Game

    Are you in the Tomorrowland Arcade by Space Mountain?
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    Best Western Lakeside - Help I'm scared!

    I stayed there few years ago. It was used basically as a place to rest my head each night and I did not look at the facilities besides my room. The room, as I remember, was nice with two beds and a tv. It was like a normal Best Western, or Value resort. The rooms were clean and I was not...
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    Nice, to know someone else is in the city on the forums

    Nice, to know someone else is in the city on the forums
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    POTC - hat guy is back

    I never noticed the hat guy before. I just rode it last night and it looked pretty cool.
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    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    As of May 17, 2010, the lighting is different with more than just the strobes however there was no arm swooping. The steam was present and I did see the bird but no yeti movement. Still a great coaster but the Yeti and extra effects make it a truly unique experience that we expect from Disney.
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    We Are Creating a New Experience for You...

    How did you manage to do that?
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    New TS3 Set is up

    Thanks so much, now where are the pictures, lol.
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    New Monorail Spiels

    Thank you for saying that because it needed to be said. If he takes offense to that comment, then it is his problem alone.
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    Something Extraordinary Is Coming

    Then, why did you start this pointless thread?
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    When Theme Parks Collide: A Combination Disney and Universal Theme Park Resort

    I have been reading this and thought that this needs to be said. Kermit, if you want to say you don't like something, then fine. But, offer a suggestion that works. Lately, you have been coming across like your ideas are the only ones that matter. I think many people take offense to that...
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    Anyone else use CLE to fly out of?

    I completely agree. I do not use CLE anymore because it is so expensive. I have been flying out of PIT alot and it seems to be cheaper than even CLB. Hope that helps but I hope at some point that the price at CLE goes down.
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    Post-Disney Depression

    I do suffer often from "post-Disney depression" at times but its more when its like a week after the trip and a month or so before my next trip. The only way I knew how to get through it was to go work there seasonally and go when I can. I do not know why it is so wonderful other than many of...
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    WDW Singles Roll Call

    24 single male from Pittsburgh, PA and love Disney and I go all the time.
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    Why is everyone so upset?!

    I vote we close this one up.
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    Price increase for lockers, wheelchair and ECV rentals

    The lockers only went up a couple of bucks and the ECVs are new and people do break them on a regular basis therefore it takes some out of commission. That could be the reason for the slight raise in ECV fees.
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    December 2009 countdown and celebration

    I will be there Dec. 18-24th woohoo cant wait.
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    "Disney Stroller" in the resort gift shop

    I understand about not wanting to spend a 100 bucks or bringing a bulky stroller but those black and red strollers would probably not hold him. I have first hand experience at people trying to put 40 lb kids in them and it barely holds enough for them to be rung up before bringing it back a...
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    Be Wary of The Seralago Hotel!

    It may have new management but there is no way it is any better. The place is still the same dump as it was before. I stayed there for two months for this summer because it was the only cheap place I could get on my income from working. There is no way I would or should subject anyone to this...
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    DDP vrs. not getting DDP during Christmas Time

    Hey, got some questions for everyone out there. I am going to Disney from Dec. 18-24. I wanted to first ask if there is still a surcharge for the restaurants and quick service food during the holiday season. So I wanted to know how much the surcharge is. Second my parents are really...
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    The Size of a Studio at Saratoga Springs

    I am a CT and coming down for the two weeks. I will have a hot plate and one pan and pot to do some odds and ends cooking.
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