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  1. ThemeParkJunkee

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Going back to WDW June 5-7 with no park tickets. Haven't gone since 2018. They have to change a lot. Just staying at POFQ and enjoying some restaurants with free Disney Reward dollars.
  2. ThemeParkJunkee

    Portofino Bay laundry?

    The “Lavendaria” is available on the 2nd Foor of the Villa wing near the entrance to the Villa Pool. There are three stainless steel front load washers and three front load dryers stacked on top of them. Ther are two additional stainless dryers on a separate wall as well. Wash is $4.00 for...
  3. ThemeParkJunkee

    Jurassic Park River adventure has reopened.

    Rode today using Express. Slight delay. Everything is working except one Dino in Hadrosaur Cove and the dramatic door opening effect as you enter.
  4. ThemeParkJunkee

    Revenge of the Mummy extended refurbishment

    Still in technical rehearsal. Today. No Express.
  5. ThemeParkJunkee

    Disney parks going Vegetarian?

    Impossible burgers and the like are extremely processed and contain ingredients that are not even food. Black bean and quinoa burger or the like with clean ingredients are much better. If fake meat and Chik'n were used, there would be very few "clean foods" available. It is heavily processed...
  6. ThemeParkJunkee

    News Disney KiteTails coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom October 1

    Why on earth did they even bother to build stadium seating for the river and not bother to produce a quality attraction? What a waste of resources.
  7. ThemeParkJunkee

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    We have changed all of our vacation plans for 2022. Masks is only part of it but we will wait. We will spend November in Florida but Disney is unlikely to be part of it. I have over $1000 of Disney points I'm not sure what to do with.
  8. ThemeParkJunkee

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Or Naboo related...Plenty of pretty water there.
  9. ThemeParkJunkee

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    A holographic Prince concert at a Twin Cities theater might actually beat this thing out for 1-2% of the price.
  10. ThemeParkJunkee

    Wendy Darling phasing out of meet and greets?

    It might be nice to be called "Wendy Darling" again.
  11. ThemeParkJunkee

    What attraction do you wish was still around that you could experience with your children/SO?

    I was fortunate enough to have visited Epcot when Horizons, Body Wars, Cranium Command and the original Imagination were offered with my youngest two children. Too bad That can never happen again.
  12. ThemeParkJunkee

    Okay, Who’s Booking at Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser?

    Guess I am in a huge minority here. This is something my husband and I (mostly him) would like to experience. We have a reservation for 9 nights, 10 days at CBR already. We are considering an earlier arrival to take this voyage. We are not by any means wealthy. We are frugal. We simply...
  13. ThemeParkJunkee

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    While not earth shattering, I welcome the news. Trip reports will be ever so much more enjoyable with faces.
  14. ThemeParkJunkee

    Pre-Trip D-Anon Conspiracy Theories

    Will there be a pen? Pictures inside an airplane? Mysterious glimpses of pieces of paper?
  15. ThemeParkJunkee

    Pre-Trip D-Anon Conspiracy Theories

    Might have to pull out my "D" decoder ring.
  16. ThemeParkJunkee

    Pre-Trip D-Anon Conspiracy Theories

    OMG! How fun!
  17. ThemeParkJunkee

    Politics RUMOR: Lin Manuel Miranda and Weird Al to Redo Hall of Presidents

    Just watched Weird Al’s “Hamilton Polka” on you tube from three days ago. Very funny and I don’t like the musical at all.
  18. ThemeParkJunkee

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Jaleo tapas... Pan de Cristal con Tomate Toasted slices of uniquely crispy and ethereal bread brushed with fresh tomato $12 Crisp and fresh tasting. Yum. Followed by Datiles con Tocino 'Como Hace Todo el Mundo'Fried bacon-wrapped dates served with an apple-mustard sauce $11 These were so...
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