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  1. hauntdmansion79

    Will Harmonious Survive?

    Can someone point us to the video Disney took off Facebook? And also a link to Zach Ridley's Instagram? Thanks!
  2. hauntdmansion79

    News Buzzy’s been stolen?

    I've been on these forums for 14 years now and have seen some great trustworthy sources come and go. I can't begin to express how grateful I and countless other Disney fans appreciate you still being around and active. Some recent big hitters like DSNY Newscast and Mickey Views use you as one...
  3. hauntdmansion79


    I am really tired of Disney promoting these separately priced parties and tours. It's getting out of hand. I just took my son to Disney World and we did everything included in this list and didn't have to pay anything for it! A Star Wars “all-in-the-know” tour guide (I doubt it's more than...
  4. hauntdmansion79

    Jingle Cruise?

    We are going to be in Walt Disney World from 11/11-11/19. In past years I believe there has been a holiday overlay to Jungle Cruise, named Jingle Cruise, correct? Are they doing that again this year? And if so is it just for the evening Christmas Parties or is it the Jingle Cruise all day...
  5. hauntdmansion79

    Please help! Jedi Training Academy Question.

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences and offering advice. I think I will ask a CM at sign up and at check in, but at the same time prepare my son that he may not fight Darth Vader. I REALLY think that if they are going to expand the show to a second stage, they NEED to make the...
  6. hauntdmansion79

    First time planning... how does this look?

    Looks good! Getting to the parks at rope drop is always smart. Like others have said capitalize on the early morning hours and ride as much as you can. I usually use FP late morning into the afternoon, that way I can still have time to get 4th or 5th FPs if they are available. Only suggestion...
  7. hauntdmansion79

    Please help! Jedi Training Academy Question.

    Hey everyone! We leave for Disney in 39 days and couldn't be more excited! This will be my first trip with my little boy who is almost 5. Obviously we can't wait to share all the wonderful memories with him. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan and one thing he is most excited about is battling Darth...
  8. hauntdmansion79

    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    I'm sure someone has answered this somewhere but I can't look through all these pages..... Is there any insider knowledge as to whether the hat will be re-purposed somewhere? I've heard rumors ranging from it being scrapped, going to Pop Century, by the entrance to DHS, over the mountain at...
  9. hauntdmansion79

    Classic Haunted Mansion sign gone?

    Excellent! That's good news. The other new info plaques obviously don't have the same effect. Thanks for the info.
  10. hauntdmansion79

    Classic Haunted Mansion sign gone?

    Here is the picture that I saw, where it seems the old sign has been removed.
  11. hauntdmansion79

    Classic Haunted Mansion sign gone?

    I was looking at pictures of the new FastPass+ and Standby signs installed at the Haunted Mansion and on the brick pillars there are now plaques with what looks like some type of safety information or something. What happened to the classic Haunted Mansion sign that used to be on the brick...
  12. hauntdmansion79

    Pros & Cons of resale

    Thanks for the info guys. The 6-8 weeks wouldn't be an issue as we are planning to bank our first year points. And I am familiar with the Concierge and Adventurers Collection, but what is the Disney Collection? Is this the cruises and Disneyland? And since "DVCOwner" brought up renting, how...
  13. hauntdmansion79

    Pros & Cons of resale

    Hey everyone!! We've been doing a TON of research on DVC and we have a lot of our questions answered. However we do have questions about resale. As far as we can see, it seems to make so much sense to purchase resale from a financial standpoint. We have heard that you cannot trade it for cruises...
  14. hauntdmansion79

    Point increases question

    Thanks for all the info guys!! It's always helpful to get info from people who are currently doing it. I now understand that the points/night will not go up each year, but they may fluctuate a little. Your info rests my mind at ease a bit, but I do have a follow-up question. I was looking...
  15. hauntdmansion79

    Point increases question

    Hi friends!! I am extremely new to the DVC info, but have been pouring over the information and discussing with multiple sources. I do have one question.... Let's say I bought enough points to cover my desired stay at my desired resort (Ex: 321 points cover me for 9 nights in a 2 bedroom...
  16. hauntdmansion79

    What is your Disney routine?

    8 trips under our belt and we are definitely creatures of habit by this point! But tradition is one of the things that is great about returning to Walt Disney World! Here is our routine: Up at 3am on Cape Cod to catch an early flight out of Boston. Hear the captain tell us the current...
  17. hauntdmansion79

    Bring back a MK parade're two for two on the negative posts.....
  18. hauntdmansion79

    Bring back a MK parade

    Instead of creating a new daytime parade at the Magic Kingdom every few years, occasionally they should bring back an old classic (since they have been re-using the same floats for about 15 years... we're really only talking about the score here). Disney fans would totally enjoy seeing an old...
  19. hauntdmansion79

    New Monsters Inc ride system patent...Shanghai only?

    Thanks! I figured it was Ratatouille....Having that ride in France at Epcot would be awesome! I'm having good vibes about the near future of DHS though. With the accusition of Star Wars, Radiator Springs Racers pretty much confirmed, and the hat disappearing from promotional material, I'm...
  20. hauntdmansion79

    New Monsters Inc ride system patent...Shanghai only?

    What is Rat and LPS? Sorry, been on here for all these years and still find these abbreviations deter from reading threads sometimes. Oh and just my input, I would love to see this ride come to Hollywood Studios in Pixar Place. Looks great to me and I believe Disney should never stop leaning...
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