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  1. springerfan

    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

    First thank you. I love reading your trip reports each day while I have lunch at work. You are by far my favorite poster on this forum. I also will be looking for your wry sense of humor comments on others trip reports.
  2. springerfan

    Trip Report Escaping the Weather in Disney World

    I'm in. That's my favorite room area at Pop!
  3. springerfan

    Trip Report We Kept Genie in the Lamp *COMPLETED*

    My favorite trip reporter :) I'm in
  4. springerfan

    Trip Report It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! *COMPLETED*

    Tuvalu trip reports are my favorite!
  5. springerfan

    Trip Report The GRAND Birthday! *COMPLETED*

    Love trip reports from Tuvalu!
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