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  1. tikiman

    Major price increase for Poly

    Rate sheet I have says 2017 rates right on the front. They said it cold happen any week now. Captain America is correct. There are no facts to say that the parking fee will for sure happen. Just reporting what some at Disney have told me is going to happen.
  2. tikiman

    Hurricane Matthew

    I heard they parked a monorail inside and put up the storm doors on the openings yesterday.
  3. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    Yes like that. The balloons would not be for the canal but for the larger buildings they plan on putting in for DVC.
  4. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    Is that what I said?
  5. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    People make bitter posts about everything. ;)
  6. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    I don't know CBR very well and the conversation about this was a while ago but the plan was to remove one or two of the existing areas, I believe Aruba and Barbados since they were closest to the connection to Epcot that would go in but I guess we just have to wait and see.
  7. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    It's not supposed to be but I would guess they would still like to see how it will look height wise.
  8. tikiman

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    Why angry? I don't know if that is what they are for but there are plans for it. Also connecting the water way to Epcot from CBR but I don't think they need balloons for that because they said they were going under the roadway. The plan was for bigger buildings at CBR for the DVC so that would...
  9. tikiman

    Do you think we will ever see another monorail resort?

    Yes they have been looking into building a resort in the spot between the TTC and Contemporary but they have the WL expansion, River Country resort and conversion of part of CBR over to DVC to do along with an addition to Polynesian first. They were going to originally build the Venetian in that...
  10. tikiman

    Resort Scents

    The smells used at the Polynesian are called "green bamboo" and "white tea and ginger"
  11. tikiman

    Poly Construction

    Why would you have to take a walk to the East pool if is was right next to the building you were in? I think that there is a lot to enjoy at the resort even with the work going on. With that said, telling someone they will not be affected by construction a year from now or even 4 days from now...
  12. tikiman

    Poly Construction

    The only thing that Disney has announced in letters to guests is the East Pool construction. They have been sending out the same letters since last March saying the pool construction would start in April and complete in early 2016. The pool closed in July so I would expect its completion to be...
  13. tikiman

    Cool Club - Epcot

    Yes I heard the same thing from a food and beverage person at Disney.
  14. tikiman

    PHOTOS - Polynesian Resort DVC construction

    They are still bathrooms and showers under the rocks and the waterfall will be back but not as big as before. It limited visibility of the lifeguards.
  15. tikiman

    Trader Sams Grotto Drinks announced

    The Leisure pool bar will be fenced off. So will the Barefoot Bar but the side of the bar towards the marina will have one side accessible from outside the fence.
  16. tikiman

    Trader Sams Grotto Drinks announced

    Once the Leisure Pool or Oasis pool (which ever name they will pick) has its bar added to the resort you can bar hop at all 4 bars at the Polynesian....well you will need a room key for one of them. Tambu will not change but should be more of a support bar for Kona and 'Ohana as well as a...
  17. tikiman

    Pool Hopping

    When the Polynesian pool reopens it will not allow DVC pool hopping. Both Polynesian pools will be gated when completed and you will need key access.
  18. tikiman

    Somoa longhouse

    I really like Samoa. You can't get a bad view. Either side looks at a pool and the location is a minute walk to the lobby, pools, boat or bus. There are a few rooms in Samoa with king beds if you are looking for that.
  19. tikiman

    Somoa longhouse

    Oops...Sorry I missed the 2016
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