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  1. Coree

    Pre-ordering at BOG?

    We have reservations with our friends for our next trip. Each family has their own dining plan. Will we still be able to preorder or can you only preorder if only one magic band (dining plan) is being used for the whole party?
  2. Coree

    Trip Report Our 19-Day Mediterranean Adventure – Greece, Turkey and the Search for Free Wifi

    Woo hoo! Can't wait to read more. Maybe it will inspire me to finally get started on my own. :rolleyes:
  3. Coree

    Pick-A-Pearl in Japan Pavilion

    I have had two rings and a necklace made. The necklace is a white pearl, one ring is a bluish tint, and one ring is dark gray. Our last trip we let me daughter choose one for the first time and she got twins. She was soooo excited. So of course we had to go ahead and mount them into a pair of...
  4. Coree

    Lego Store

    Yes, she's very into the Friends sets right now and will definitely play with them for hours too, even after they're put together.
  5. Coree

    Lego Store

    Thanks for the info. My daughter has recently really started getting into Legos and I was hoping to find some unique sets down there this summer.
  6. Coree

    Lego Store

    Does the Lego store in Downtown Disney have unique, Disney-themed sets for sale?
  7. Coree

    Good Honeymoon Dinner Choices?

    We're doing O'hana for the first time in June so I'll report back on that one. We really liked Artist Point when we went there for dinner on our honeymoon. That was 10 years ago though so I'm not sure if it's changed much since then.
  8. Coree

    Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Reviews

    Ship: Dream Stateroom: 2546 Room Category: 09B Deluxe Oceanview Location: Midship Sail Date: June 12, 2011 I have to admit that before sailing I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like being on desk 2.Somehow it felt second-class to me. However, it turned out to be a great room. So much so that...
  9. Coree

    Pop Century Question

    Definitely big enough for four drinks!
  10. Coree

    Pop Century Question

    We were there a few weeks ago. Yes, the fridges are small, but we were able to fit several drinks in there, which was really all we wanted it for. It was great to have something after not having one for so many years there!
  11. Coree

    Cupcake Tour

    Funny, as I had the complete opposite opinion. I LOVED the cupcake in Germany and really didn't enjoy either of the cupcakes I got at Pop last trip. For me it's all about the icing and I prefer that granulated sugar icing apparently. :lol:
  12. Coree

    Shaking Down the Fantasy and Three Encounters with a Dream!

    OMG I'm so excited about Animator's Palate. How cool! And WHAT??? No photos in shows any more. How sad!
  13. Coree

    iPad and the Parks

    Being in the parks last week I was also amazed at how many people used their iPhones for a camera. I just don't get it. :shrug:
  14. Coree

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

    We just finished a one-week trip and really enjoyed playing. We played all day Thursday and got through easy. We went back Friday night and defeated Scar finally on medium, but ran out of time for anything else. If we had started earlier in the trip we would have played more. Without this game...
  15. Coree

    My live Fantasy tour trip report!

    Oooh, is that second pic BBB?
  16. Coree

    My live Fantasy tour trip report!

    Only Disney can get you out of bed at o'dark thirty. And can I just mention the chuckle I got at c'est la vie? :lol: Love it! Be safe, have fun, and I'll just be sitting here waiting for new pictures (and working, of course). Happy Leap Day!
  17. Coree

    The Should I or Should I Not Write a Trip Report for a Solo Trip to Disneyland

    Oooooh, I like the way you think. :D Your photos are amazing. Can I borrow your magic camera in October? ;)
  18. Coree

    The Should I or Should I Not Write a Trip Report for a Solo Trip to Disneyland

    Um, Tammy, you're making me wonder if we should have booked DL rather than the Fantasy. :lol:
  19. Coree

    The birthday, we're posers, I wanna go home trip report: July 1-16, 2011

    Awesome night pics at DHS, Jenn.
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