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  1. sueuk

    Did Disneyland Paris ruin the mystique for Europeans?

    Hi, I live in the north of England and have visited WDW 7 times (and going again in Sept); and DLP 7 times - usually for the Christmas decorations, as when DH and I come to WDW we like to come Sept/ Oct time, so I miss the Christmas stuff. Yes, it's freezing and we've been on the rides in...
  2. sueuk


    We collect pictures and sculptures mostly - we get one 'big' thing to take home each visit. There are pics on my home page.
  3. sueuk

    So what's your bag preference for WDW?

    I have a small, soft (not leather) cross body bag which is big enough to hold phone, money, tissues and a throw away poncho. DH has a bumbag which holds phone, camera, poncho. Last trip I bought a very light, small, cute checked cotton rucksac with mickey heads on it and I used that some...
  4. sueuk

    Didn't like Disney...

    We regularly get negative comments about DH and I going 'without children' - we love it and are going for our 8th trip this September. The same people can't understand why DD and I go to DLP to see the Xmas displays 'without children'. They think that because we also enjoy city breaks and...
  5. sueuk

    Here's my Free Dining for Sept

    We're there at the same time -- we go on 28th Sept -- and we're eating at some of the same places different days. Can't wait :)
  6. sueuk

    Don't Eat in the parks/Take your own water

    Exotic - no ... but interesting - yes, and when we're offsite we enjoy trying new restaurants; this year we want to try the Cheesecake Factory and Texas de Brazil (we've had them recommended). However, we wouldn't leave the parks to go offsite for a meal; we've stayed onsite 4 times now and...
  7. sueuk

    Epcot - Drinking Around the World. Wise?

    We've done it in a more leisurely way - we've stayed at BC on our last 2 trips and each time was 2 weeks; so we just tried drinks at a couple of different countries each time we went over there. F & W time is best, and we'll do it again in September . :)
  8. sueuk

    Boardwalk or Beach Club?

    At the BC we had the benefit of the BW without the noise and crowds, we love it and have never had a problem finding a sunbed or space in the pool as some have suggested.
  9. sueuk

    PeoplemoverTTAs August 2011 Pre-Trip Report

    Look forward to reading the rest - I hope you have a special holiday with your grandma and make more good memories. :)
  10. sueuk

    A Very Merry December Trip Report with an Exciting Surprise!

    Great pics and report - but hurry up with the surprise :).
  11. sueuk

    Yachtsman Steakhouse much better than Le cellier

    When we stay at BC we try to eat at Yachtsman twice, we love it - and the roasted garlic served with the bread is fab. We enjoy Le Cellier too, but haven't tried it since it became 'signature', I think that for a signature dining experience the tables are too close together and there are too...
  12. sueuk

    Shows going down because of the cold

    I've watched shows and parades, and ridden rides at DLP in the snow. The CMs wear padded costumes - I've never known one to be cancelled for cold weather (there would be no shows or parades from November - April :ROFLOL:)
  13. sueuk

    Despite many trips, what have you missed?

    Disney Quest Characters in Flight Christmas decorations etc (but I've been to DLP at Xmas)
  14. sueuk

    DLP pics

    A few pics from our pre Xmas trip - luckily just before the snow hit.:xmas:
  15. sueuk

    Merchandise ~ You create it!

    Bumping this thread as I was putting our Disney tree up and found a porcelain Christmas ornament from Epcot 1994. Mickey and family decorating a spaceship - 'Seasons Greetings from Epcot Centre'. Very little was generic then :(
  16. sueuk

    Song Title Thread - Ground Rules

    Without You = Pixie Lott
  17. sueuk

    Harry Potter IS making a difference!!

    I think they've slipped up by not making more of an effort for next years 40th anni (unless we all get a surprise!); something special then would have bridged the gap before the expansion opens. Montymon - I know what you mean -while we really enjoy some of the rides at US and IoA; Spiderman...
  18. sueuk

    September 2011 Roll Call......

    We're there at the end of Sept - 28th to 12th Oct, staying at BC. Can't wait. :wave:
  19. sueuk

    D23: Is it worth it?

    Several times! usually I get a standard 'thankyou for letting us know how you feel, however ......' and it's generally got a price list attached for shipping - as if I didn't know :brick:
  20. sueuk

    D23: Is it worth it?

    Just another little sickener for International members - the Limited Ed Christmas ornament in the D23 newsletter is yet another item that 'can not be shipped outside the USA' ....... WHY NOT? I keep trying to spend money - last time it was a Ltd Ed watch for Russ. They either won't ship to UK...
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