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  1. stevediesel

    Mnsshp 2012

    I ordered my tickets this morning, so they are officially on sale by calling Disney! I will be there Sept 30th!
  2. stevediesel

    Mnsshp 2012

    I would like to know too!
  3. stevediesel

    Attending Epcot's 30th Anniversary! Anyone else?

    I will be there on the 1st as well!
  4. stevediesel

    Crowds from Sept 15-20??

    I will be at Pop from Sept 29-Oct 5. Was thinking about changing to 22-28, but also think it will be cool to be at Epcot for the 30th Anniversary on Oct 1
  5. stevediesel

    Epcot 30th Merchandise

    Looks like I picked a good time for my next trip. Sept 29th–Oct 5th, Will have to make sure & stop at Epcot on the 1st!
  6. stevediesel

    Better week, Late Sept vs. Early Oct

    I currently have a Sept 29th–October 5th free Disney dining trip booked. I am considering changing it to Sept 22nd–Sept 28th based upon Touring Plans having this week as overall less crowds. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  7. stevediesel

    Air Tran Airways...?

    Flown with them on my trip about a month ago they were great. Wait 24 hours exactly before your flight leaves then go online to select your seats to save money.
  8. stevediesel

    Anyone else score

    I scored really high about three weeks ago & took a pic. Didn't know that any secret spots even existed. Once I figure it out I'll post it on this tread.
  9. stevediesel

    Anyone here receive any Year Of A Million Dreams prizes?

    I won YOAMD Mouse Ears our very first day of our trip about three weeks ago. They were in Innoventions & were just waiting for people to walk by to give them away. A couple days later we won Dream Fastpasses for AK when getting off Expedition Everest. This was my brothers first trip to the world...
  10. stevediesel

    WDW On Property Rent A Car Facility Questions?

    SHOP AROUND. I rented about three weeks ago, 8 days for $80 @ Alamo picking up @ MCO. Booked right from the Alamo website, used an offer off their site & another one I found @ $80 is what Alamo was originally had me booked for 3 days picking up @ the car care center! Also I...
  11. stevediesel

    New signage and Recycling bins at Epcot

    On my trip two weeks ago, in all the parks every fifth or so garbage can that you would see was a can/bottle recycling bin that looked similar to a trash can, but with only enough space to put in a can or plastic bottle. It got so that I was on the look out so for these see I didn't feel guilty...
  12. stevediesel

    Disney Halloween Treat

    Trick or Treat is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Amazed it has never been put on one of the DVD's. Seeing it (on Youtube) puts me in the Halloween mood every time. Donald & his nephews @ their best.
  13. stevediesel

    Funniest Moments You've Had wit the Characters.

    ^ that sounds like a great experience!
  14. stevediesel

    Funniest Moments You've Had wit the Characters.

    Donald tried to steal my GF. It's still a touchy subject so that's all I'm going to say.
  15. stevediesel

    Mickey's Halloween Party - Adults

    I was there for the party on the 19th, just two adults, and would have to give it a mixed review. I would say go if a) The $50 or so for each ticket won't break your bank. b) You either like Halloween a lot or are a huge fan of the Disney Villians. It was great to see all the Halloween stuff &...
  16. stevediesel


    Why would you be parking in a handicapped spot unless you were handicapped?
  17. stevediesel

    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    Leaving @ 7am tomorrow!!!
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