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  1. copcarguyp71

    splash mountain rethemeing closure?

    Pretty sure I heard that Splash is being re-themed for sure. Has this begun or is there a target date for it to be shut down? Also...if it isn't shut down is it reasonable to expect the ride to be open in early december figuring 75-80 degree weather?
  2. copcarguyp71

    Never been...looking for what "not to miss"

    Already booked at Margaritaville so just making the best of everything we have available to us...
  3. copcarguyp71

    Never been...looking for what "not to miss"

    Already booked at Margaritaville resort for 6 trying some variety during our stay. After staying onsite at WDW for all of our past trips we are shaking things up a bit and not going all-in on any park or attraction.
  4. copcarguyp71

    Never been...looking for what "not to miss"

    So we've been to WDW 9 times and have not been back since 2013 but find ourselves travelling to Orlando in December. Our daughter is now 17 so we are thinking of spending a day or two at universal. Since we have never been I'm looking for advice on what not to miss...what can be skipped and the...
  5. copcarguyp71

    Epcot hours include dining?

    Thanks everyone. Looks like dining website won't let me book anything beyond November. Our travel dates are from Dec 5-11 so when would you think those dates would open up?
  6. copcarguyp71

    Epcot hours include dining?

    Have not been to the World since 2013 and we find ourselves travelling to Orlando in December and would like to spend a day at Epcot. My question is, since I know the park hours are shortened at least through October (no idea what december will bring) I was wondering of the 7PM closing included...
  7. copcarguyp71

    Favorite park "nap zones"

    Mine used to be Ellen's Universe of Energy...not sure when I will be back to stake out a new favorite though.
  8. copcarguyp71

    Poll: what new land/renovation are you most excited for?

    Chester and Hester's overhaul...:rolleyes: Sorry to be a debbie downer but how has this been passed over for bulldozing and re-landing?
  9. copcarguyp71

    Your very own stupid funny moment at Disney

    I like to wear fun T-shirts when on vacation. I was wearing my "WARNING... I DO DUMB THINGS" shirt while in line for Countdown to Extinction. A cast member said " I love that shirt" to which I relied "thanks" and then he says..."by the way your fly is down". It was... I had a good laugh as did...
  10. copcarguyp71

    Ticketed Events=Cheaper Admission!?

    Well...another nail in the coffin of "we won't be back". Makes me sad, and it's not about not having the money but rather not being willing to be milked for every penny. ROI for my vacation dollar has simply found more favorable pockets.
  11. copcarguyp71

    Grading Walt Disney World Throughout the Decades

    Considering my visits were 1977, 1988, 1996, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 I have to say that the chart pretty well mirrors my feelings. For me '96 was the pinnacle of experiences (I was 25 that year) but that may simply be because of my immaturity in 1988 not being able to appreciate and...
  12. copcarguyp71

    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    Since this thread is still going on I wanted to add to my earlier post. As someone who has a fair amount of tattoos but who also considers that there are circumstances and situations in which my art should remain covered to be respectful I will say that there would be a slippery slope for any...
  13. copcarguyp71

    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    Have to agree here. Whoever said that has never been through the process. Honestly I get an "expansion" every year to year and a half and I spend that time planning and re-planning what I am going to do. Each and every piece is very personal to me. Additionally I pay a professional translation...
  14. copcarguyp71

    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    My personal experience is that in essence I have no problem with tattoos. That being said I have over 50 hours of chair time being tattooed...I also own a business in which my employees and family depend on me closing deals to provide for them. As such I have chosen to have my tattoos placed...
  15. copcarguyp71

    So is anyone not going anymore? (I'm still a fan. lol)

    Haven't been since 2013. Until we hear some really groundbreaking solutions for crazy year round lines, FP+ dismantle and diminished experience I don't see us going back for a while. Maybe someday, but definitely not tomorrow either.
  16. copcarguyp71

    If you could teleport anywhere in WDW right now, where would it be?

    Stepping out of Crystal Palace after an early seating for breakfast looking at Cinderella Castle lit by the morning sun, the world and day before me preparing to head into Adventureland....
  17. copcarguyp71

    Ursula and a Pirate loose their heads...literally

    So apparently Ursula at Disneyland as well as a pirate at Disneyland Paris were both filmed with their heads dangling by wires while giving their spiel. Chalk it up to vandals, bad show or Walt's ghost sending us a message that he wants his head back? Ursula and Pirate lose their heads!
  18. copcarguyp71

    Ellen Animatronic Reunited with Ellen

    NOT GOOD???? Are you seriously calling one of the longest air conditioned naps in the parks not good???? You sir are dead to me!!!
  19. copcarguyp71

    Ellen Animatronic Reunited with Ellen

    Ellen? Oh gheeze...all these years I thought that was Owen Wilson. Guess you learn something new every day....
  20. copcarguyp71

    Is sponsorship really necessary anymore?

    Once upon a time EPCOT was a vision of the future...a fixed worlds fair if you will and sponsors lined up to have their name attached to it, to have their name associated with something ground breaking and special. Nowadays the world has moved on and the big corporations value their presence...
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