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  1. HTF

    Have universal surpassed Disney ?

    They've had Trowbridge for nearly a decade lol... In addition WDI has always had the talent to compete just lacked the funding. Universal however going from 1999 to 2017 is total ride tech dominance. I'm personally very excited for Avatar and think the boat ride will be a sleeper. As for Soarin...
  2. HTF

    Have universal surpassed Disney ?

    In terms of overall theming and execution I can't argue that but in terms of ride tech and execution Universal is on top.
  3. HTF

    Have universal surpassed Disney ?

    Until we see what Shanghai actually has to offer Universal surpassed Disney in the Summer of 1999 with Spiderman and never looked back...
  4. HTF

    Late April trip; conflicted crowd calendars = indecision about paying more $$ to stay onsite

    My recommendation is go with Cabana Bay. I've stayed at that Hyatt several times and love the hotel but the area around it now is a mess. The hotel is literally butting up against the I4 construction project. By the time April rolls around that area will be full blown war zone for construction...
  5. HTF

    Universal touring please help

    I can do any park in one day including any Disney park. Not going to be able to enjoy myself but it can be done. Also if you've never been to Universal why not give it a day for each park. I'm willing to bet a small fortune you'll be singing some praises as will your family upon your return...
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    Universal Picture of the Day

    Close Up Flames by h tf, on Flickr
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    Universal Picture of the Day

    Welcome to Camp Jurassic by h tf, on Flickr
  8. HTF

    Universal Picture of the Day

    Adventure lives by h tf, on Flickr
  9. HTF

    Universal Picture of the Day

    Fury of the Gods by h tf, on Flickr
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    Universal Picture of the Day

    Vision of Hogwarts by h tf, on Flickr
  11. HTF

    Nintendo partnering with Universal to make attractions.

    Seriously just watch part of this, you don't have to listen to the guy but just watch and observe. Then think about what this IP would be capable of with Universal driving it with what they've learned from Harry Potter merchandise... Just think about it... It boggles the mind...
  12. HTF

    Why did they really take down the Jurassic Park sign arch?

    The arch will come back! And we're moving on b4 the Pixie Dusters fill this thread up with more crap...
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    3D Overkill?

    If Disney could produce at the level creative does in terms of dimensional multimedia you would see more of it but they just simply cant. Not a knock against Disney but it's just not their strong suit so they make up for in other ways. Thierry Coup is pretty much "the guy" for multimedia film...
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    Behind Men in Black

  15. HTF

    Recommendation for a Hotel

    We've got an 18 month old and she loves Cabana Bay. If you stay in the suite the sliding divider door does a nice job of separating the group if baby goes to bed earlier than the rest of the troop. We've now stayed at Cabana 6 times with her and she always has so much fun exploring and floating...
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    Universal Orlando own monorail system to 3 parks?

    Several of these threads are painful to read. Way off the mark team let's simplify and revisit... Back to the drawing boards
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    Universal Picture of the Day

    Waterfront Waterfalls by xhatetoflyx1, on Flickr
  18. HTF

    Universal Picture of the Day

    Welcome to Diagon Alley by xhatetoflyx1, on Flickr
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    Universal Picture of the Day

    The Dragons Flame by xhatetoflyx1, on Flickr
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    HTF is being cryptic on Twitter again

    Thats more than enough ;)
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