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  1. britdaw

    Pooh's Hunny Hunt in Disneyland or Walt Disney World DISCUSSION

    I don't know that I'd want it to replace the Pooh ride in WDW, but I do hope they'll give the existing ride an upgrade soon.
  2. britdaw

    Disney Attractions Inspired By Other Theme Parks

    I'm not sure, but I sure hope Disney will take some inspiration from WWoHP's Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. That is an AMAZING ride!!
  3. britdaw

    Trip Report Trip Report Sept 19-23

    So awesome!!! Sounds like an amazing trip!
  4. britdaw

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    185 days!!! WOOHOO!! Less than 200 days left to go! ♥
  5. britdaw

    Reservation system here to stay? Update from Josh D'Amaro

    Since I still have young children that require lots of time to rest, we hardly ever Park Hop, so that feature doesn't bother me but I know a LOT of people want it because they love other parks way more than the others and want to spend more time there. Hopefully it's back sooner than the end of...
  6. britdaw

    News Refurbishment coming soon to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Moana details to be included

    Really? It seems like every time I turn around I'm reading about a refurb being done to one of those 3 hotels.... (GF, Poly, and Contemporary)
  7. britdaw

    What's Going on with Country Bear Jamboree?

    That would be a great idea. There isn't really a whole lot in that area for smaller kids.
  8. britdaw

    News PHOTOS - Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom to receive enhancements this summer

    From all the pictures I've seen of the new look, I absolutely hate it. Cinderella's Castle is not pink. And why does the castle need a new look?? There's nothing wrong with a classic.
  9. britdaw

    News Refurbishment coming soon to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Moana details to be included

    The Poly doesn't need another refurb. It gets a refurb about every 5 years or so... Why not put some money into making other resorts better. The All Star Resorts need refurbs desperately.
  10. britdaw

    Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?

    I really miss the Mad Tea Party M&G at the GF. My girls did that when we took them in 2012. I also really miss the Winnie the Poo M&G in the UK pavillion.
  11. britdaw

    The Sims 4 is getting a Galaxy's Edge expansion pack

    I love Katy Perry's music, but her EP was not great. Who the hell needs all that candy-inspired stuff in their game?? They could have just made her a bonus NPC or something in the game and called it the PopStar EP or something.
  12. britdaw

    Disney Details

    Awww, where are these? Are they over near Rapunzel's tower in MK?
  13. britdaw

    Disney Details

  14. britdaw

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    Giselle was originally supposed to be one of the regular princesses in the lineup. They created the movie with this in mind, but then someone realized that Disney would have to pay Amy Adams royalties for using her likeness forever, so they nixed the idea.
  15. britdaw

    The Sims 4 is getting a Galaxy's Edge expansion pack

    My daughters and I love The Sims. I'm a long-time fan who has played ever since the original came out and I am sooooo disgusted by this pack. If EA wanted to expand on a space/aliens theme, why not use the aliens they've had in the game (Hello, Strangerville SUCKS!) instead of going in for this...
  16. britdaw

    Best on ride photos

  17. britdaw

    Sad Day for us we just canceled our October trip for this year.

    Awww, that sucks, but I think it was probably the best thing to do right now. Hopefully you're able to reschedule soon!!
  18. britdaw

    Most Memorable Character Interaction For You?

    I want to hear stories from your funniest or favorite character interaction in the parks! Which one is the most memorable moment for you and your family? The first time we took our kids back in 2012, it was alllll about the princesses for our girls. They were super sweet and excited to meet the...
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