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  1. Chape19714

    Yak and Yeti Restaurant closed today for maintenance

    Re-opened late yesterday. Everything appeared to be normal around 7pm.
  2. Chape19714

    Disney testing Virtual Queues at its Walt Disney World water parks

    Yes, quite familiar with it. But Pirates has a large extended queue that went largely unused for years. There was room to allow the line to grow. It may be longer than most of us would like, but on most days, the line can still be contained in it's designated space.
  3. Chape19714

    Disney testing Virtual Queues at its Walt Disney World water parks

    HIGHLY doubt that will happen. Waterparks run on such low capacity to begin with. In order for this to work, it would have to cut a significant number from capacity. Works for a theme park, but not a waterpark.
  4. Chape19714

    Disney testing Virtual Queues at its Walt Disney World water parks

    This is interesting to say the least....Volcano Bay seems to have expansive public areas like loungers, lazy rivers, wave pools, etc. for people to enjoy while "waiting". Without increased capacity in these areas, this system can't work. It will either greatly increase all the other wait times...
  5. Chape19714

    Terralina Crafted Italian - Portobello at Disney Springs closing soon for major refurbishment

    I always thought that Wolfgang Puck would be the next Levy location to get re-done. Oh well.
  6. Chape19714

    Despicable Me Soft Open?

    It's absolutely Fantastic. Great Pre-shows, great attraction. Innovative Post-show.
  7. Chape19714

    Jaws closing?

    WWoHP is staying in IOA....if you want to know more about what's going into Jaws' plot of land....look no further that what is about to COUGH(transformers)COUGH Universal Hollywood.
  8. Chape19714

    Are the Ruby Slippers Still in The Great Movie Ride?

    The plane isn't from the film. But the back half of that plane is in the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom just before the hippo pool.
  9. Chape19714

    Name changes coming to Magic Kingdom parking lot sections

    Nobody has brought up the fact that it's going to make the 2-tram system easier. On days when MK is really busy and 2 tram routes are used, folks exiting the TTC will only have to choose the Villains or Heros tram and it will be much easier. No more of this "I parked in Minnie, so that's the Red...
  10. Chape19714

    The Voyage of The Little Mermaid & Hoop Dee Doo Review Question

    Well nobody does the voices of these characters in the shows. They are live actors on each show. Literally hundreds of people have done each role throughout the years.
  11. Chape19714

    Pixar Pals Parade Question

    It keeps counting down to fun....months later, the fun has yet to arrive.
  12. Chape19714

    2 Rider Queue at Hollywood Studios

    If the station CMs can't find a group of two (or a few groups of two), they call cast members further up the line to look for them. It happens, but it's not permanent, or a test, or anything like that.
  13. Chape19714

    Great Movie Ride EXPLOSION Scene?

    It's not broken. Only some trains get the sequence. You can be taken over by a gangster (New York) or a Robber (Western). Only the Western robber sequence has the explosion. As trams are removed throughout the day, they pull from the western trams first. Best bet...go early and ask the cast...
  14. Chape19714

    France Goes Digital

    The Simpson's ride is able to put the projectors in the dead center of the screen, between some the simulator cabs. Soarin' does not have that luxury, and has to be able to project the entire show from the above catwalk. Besides Soarin has numerous alterations to the film and projector to...
  15. Chape19714

    Fast Pass Collectors

    That is correct. Your fastpass is your admission to the attraction through the fastpass line. If you do not surrender your ticket, you should't be admitted to ride.
  16. Chape19714

    Decipher this license plate from AK...

    I would honestly doubt if it had anything to do with Everest. It could be anything, but is most likely an imaginer's birthday. I would think the 11.98 at the bottom is a bigger hint.
  17. Chape19714

    Disney Slacking on Hospitality

    Tickets can only be sold by Cast Members trained to sell tickets. 9 times of out of 10, these Cast members will be at the Concierge Desk, not the front desk for registration, check in/out. So although you can purchase them around the same time as check in, you cannot usually buy them from the...
  18. Chape19714

    Lightning McQueen & Mater

    Still there. Behind Muppet Vision.
  19. Chape19714

    Cast member injured at Animal Kingdom

    Yep. It's off the shelf. Cypress gardens had an exact copy of it for a while, but different theaming, and no storage track to remove 1 car. That's the only difference.
  20. Chape19714

    How to get Pepsi products at a resort?

    Hess is coke only. The ONLY place on property is Shades of Green Military Resort.
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