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  1. Jimmy Thick

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Getting back on topic. I don’t think the parks are as slow as people are making them out to be. I always use the Disney World app wait time for the Barnstormer as a pretty de facto sign if the parks are busy. If Barnstormer has a wait time over 30 minutes the place is busy. Jimmy Thick- I...
  2. Jimmy Thick

    Polynesian Evacuation

    Yikes tear gas. Jimmy Thick- My annual appearance is upended by the news of something dreadful.
  3. Jimmy Thick

    Aulani is a different level of greatness

    Been staying here for over a week and just booked a few more days because this is in my opinion the best Disney resort anywhere in the world. Service has been beyond stellar. Food is on another level, everything is fresh and delicious. The rooms are all epic, we have stayed in 2 different...
  4. Jimmy Thick

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Just rode this after it being down half the day. It’s fantastic! Space Mountain on steroids with an amazing Marvel overlay. Worth the $14 bucks. My son declared it the best ride on property, me personally I think Rise of the Resistance is the better experience.
  5. Jimmy Thick

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure

    I think this refurb will definitely happen just based on riding the ride and it’s current condition. Splash Mountain has been left for dead. First the whole ending sequence is about 95% intact with everything working as far as I can tell and looks amazing. Everything before that not so much...
  6. Jimmy Thick

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Had an absolutely incredible meal at Steakhouse 71. Dined with a couple retired Imagineers so we got some special treatment. Got the ham and perfect egg appetizer, was so good I almost licked the plate. The main course was a New York strip so tender you could cut it with a fork. Again...
  7. Jimmy Thick

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Just ate at the pizza place by ToT was absolutely shocked how good it was. Got a pepperoni pizza with a side Caesar salad ate every single bite. Quality of food has gone up tremendously, have not had a bad meal since I’ve been here.
  8. Jimmy Thick

    Anyone have Swan and Dolphin tips/answers to questions?

    I love the Dolphin its an outstanding resort. Personally I don't find them to be as kid friendly as even a value Disney resort but their location is ideal. Plus they have the best beds on property. Also the higher end restaurants are some of the best on property. The Swan/Dolphin is a no lose...
  9. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    I purchased a huge lot of moldy oldie PC's and parts. Spent about 1k for 228 old PC's, software, games, manuals and parts. To my surprise a lot of the stuff I have tested actually works. The best I've dug up is bunch of old Japanese PC's. I got some working PC-88's and 98's and three working...
  10. Jimmy Thick

    Are there really that many vloggers at the parks?

    Vlogging will be allowed until Disney see that they themselves can make money from it. Then they will get rid of all vloggers with DMCA takedowns over the music used through out their theme parks. Happens with anime all the time. There will be drama online about it which will be fun to watch...
  11. Jimmy Thick

    One restaurant on Disney Property wins Michelin Star

    Capa is outstanding especially if you’re comparing it to chain steakhouses or a steakhouse in the Disney World bubble. But let’s be frank here. One Michelin star is just for the food. Comparing it to a three star experience like Alinea in Chicago and Capa looks bad. Food for thought. Jimmy...
  12. Jimmy Thick

    Priciest Place on Earth

    Just booked a trip for August for my whole family and boy, I think I spent more money this trip than my last 2 before covid combined. Or it seems that way. The sticker shock is real. But worth it. Covid and the thought of dying from it apparently knocked some sense into me. Money is just money...
  13. Jimmy Thick

    Please delete.

    I loved posting here regularly. I wish I still could but unfortunately life got in the way and my time is precious. After a few years I feel a lot of people have had the same things happen to them. But let’s face it, no matter what this is still the best Disney fan site/forum around anywhere...
  14. Jimmy Thick

    Universal Epic Universe (South Expansion Complex) - Opens 2025

    HUGE ride just got green lit, if it stays as proposed it will be a true game changer in the industry but that's a big if. All I can say at this time and will offer nothing more without compromising friends. Movie IP. People will say I'm trolling of course but my Uni info has been pretty much...
  15. Jimmy Thick

    Toxic fandom ?

    Is Disney fandom toxic? In a word absolutely. This has of course risen due to the information age attributed to the internet, where people can pick and choose whatever they desire to make themselves feel miserable about and take that misery out anonymously over the internet to random...
  16. Jimmy Thick

    Who would be a great alternative to Rock N Rollercoaster?

    Aerosmith is the greatest Rock and Roll band America has ever or will ever produce. The Eagles are up there but a lot of their material is far too depressing. Guns and Roses would probably be the only logical replacement but if Aerosmith ever decide to pull out personally I would scrap the ride...
  17. Jimmy Thick

    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    Ok why then are people taking $10 an hour jobs when they know first hand it don't pay the bills? If you look online there are no experience warehouse jobs starting between $17-20 dollars an hour in the Orlando area so if you want a job at Disney or for some odd reason a front desk hotel job for...
  18. Jimmy Thick

    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    The job market is the best its been for jobs seekers ever. If people are unhappy with their current employer, like Disney World employees, then its never been better to move on to a better paying job and work conditions. A nice belief statement sounds like a delightful way to get teams in gear...
  19. Jimmy Thick

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    Personally I feel the whole "vlogging/influencer" garbage has completely run its course and has become an embarrassment upon WDW for those who continue to do it. My recent trip saw people walking around carelessly speaking into their phones and in some cases bumping into people. Is that...
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