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  1. TinkerChelli

    Using Debit Card or Cash for Charging with Magic Band

    You should never ever use a debit card for this, you should use a credit card, in case any mishaps, mistakes happen you can speak with Disney & your credit card company
  2. TinkerChelli

    Exploring AKL

    Yes definitely, we have stayed at this resort many times. We never get tired of it. You can sit by the camp fire out back you need to take the staircase at the end of the lobby area to get to it. The animals there usually come out around 5pm or so for dinner time and stick around. It's quiet...
  3. TinkerChelli

    Why Disney is better than Universal and other amusement parks...

    Hi There, for me it's knowing I am in a safe environment, where everyone, well most everyone there is there for the same reason to have some good clean fun. The look of each park and themeing of everything. They don't miss a beat there for sure. I have been going for many many years and I will...
  4. TinkerChelli

    10 days of Magic, Mickey, and Memories

    Hi Again the last time we did the Tick & Treat we got so much candy (I hardly ever eat candy) I ate a few pieces "Mary Jane's" and I got a stomach ache, we had so much left over we had to leave it behind. :( Just love it there!!!!
  5. TinkerChelli

    What's your favorite secret??

    Hi I have taken the "Keys to The Kingdom" tour...What would you like to know :) I did it last year actually.
  6. TinkerChelli

    10 days of Magic, Mickey, and Memories

    Hi I love your blog here, it's wonderful!!!!! It's so much fun there during the Halloween season. Did you guys dress up for the MNSSHP? We usually do it and I enjoy it so much and I do the Trick & Treat too hehehe..... You got me all excited here for Disney I am having major withdrawels. Take...
  7. TinkerChelli

    Question about Magical Express

    Hi When you book through Disney and take Magical Express you will be mailed luggage tags for luggage you are checking and not bringing onto the plane, that luggage tag will have the name of the Resort as well as the customers name onto it. Your luggage will not get lost. No worries ok. :)
  8. TinkerChelli

    Tipping a bus driver?

    Hi we always tip Magical Express a couple dollars for each luggage per person and other bus' also, it's just a nice thing to do. :) Have a Magical Day now. :)
  9. TinkerChelli

    New Entrance Canopy for The Seas with Nemo and Friends

    Hi I believe that Canopy was once there before and is put there for the Cast Member to stand under obviously but because of the stormy weather in the summer months. :)
  10. TinkerChelli

    Worst Meal Ever...

    The two of the worst places I have eaten is Liberty Tavern (foods seems frozen and reheated) gross!!! Also Epcot The Italian Pavilion the worst pizza ever, (I am Italian from Brooklyn NYC Originally) I am sure that has a lot to do with that. Sorry if anyone got offeneded by me.
  11. TinkerChelli

    Where in WDW for a Vegan Meal?

    Hi I'm a Vegetarian myself, you can go where ever you like to go and they (any restaurant) can make your meal vegetarian, just ask, sometimes they even have special Vegetarian Menus and offers. I found a great meal at the Mexican pavilion inside and outside :)
  12. TinkerChelli

    Do I need anything for the inhaler?

    I take mine with me all the time, I put it in my purse in case they want to see it, also doesn't hurt to have your script with you just in case, but I never was asked for it ever. :) I even took a nebulizer too no issues. Have a safe trip
  13. TinkerChelli

    Hi, I've been good things changed a bit at work for the better though and we finally got...

    Hi, I've been good things changed a bit at work for the better though and we finally got ourselves a home :>) we moved in about a month ago. Any new pictures of the baby. She will be a year old already right? How is your store doing? I miss WDWMagic and Disney, we may have to not do a trip this...
  14. TinkerChelli

    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    FOUR!!!!! :wave::sohappy::sohappy:
  15. TinkerChelli

    April 2012 Roll Call

    Hi we will be there April 20 - 28th. We can hardly wait. I love the Flower Festival at Epcot!!! YEA YIPPIE :sohappy::sohappy:
  16. TinkerChelli

    The Most Awesome Hotel Entrance?

    The First time we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo I cried when I walked in, I was so overwhelmed it was so beautiful and I always wanted to stay there. My husband is the best in the whole world!!! Love it there.:sohappy:
  17. TinkerChelli

    Size Small??? Maybe for a Manatee

    I know what you mean and for me it's worse I have to wear the childrens sizes and sometimes the cloths just look plain silly on an adult woman! Not Fair, everything is Super Sized even the food...:mad:
  18. TinkerChelli

    Who has been to Disney Quest?

    Hi Hi my husband and I did Disney Quest a few years back, it's about 3 levels of different types of interactive games. There is a vitural Roller Coaster that you create and then ride. I didn't like that too much it gave me motion sickness and I usually never get sick on any rides. We did a...
  19. TinkerChelli

    Wild Africa Trek

    Hi Hi yes my husband and I did the Africa Trek in October 2011. If you want to know more about it e-mail me. I have pictures too :>) it's a great experience. :)
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