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  1. fizzieee

    Trip Report T & E’s Christmas Wish: A Land and Sea Adventure! (12/7 - 12/17)

    This sounds AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing with us!
  2. fizzieee

    Trip Report I Did Something Bad... *Completed*

    Oh I am HYPED if 1989TV....... it's been too long since Speak Now TV dropped, I'm having withdrawals
  3. fizzieee

    Trip Report I Did Something Bad... *Completed*

    Welcome back! Looking forward to reading about the insanity! P.S. I also saw the Eras Tour (N2 in Glendale) and it was truly life changing. Loving all your TS references in your first post + the title..... *Don't blame me* for wanting more!!! ....I'm *ready for it* ("it" being more of your...
  4. fizzieee

    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

  5. fizzieee

    Trip Report April is a Beautiful Time for a Disney Trip

    Congratulations! 4th!!!
  6. fizzieee

    Unpopular opinions about the parks?

    You had me in the first half, but I can't get on board with the second half. The train nor the Peoplemover aren't better than the Speedway? Aladdin's carpets? Really?
  7. fizzieee

    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

    Happy Anniversary!!!
  8. fizzieee

    Trip Report BoardWalkin’ Around the World- COMPLETED

    Following along, have a wonderful trip!!!
  9. fizzieee

    Trip Report Everything Is Just So Peachy Keen! *COMPLETED*

    Congratulations on little Tuvalad!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year as well!
  10. fizzieee

    Pre-Trip There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays - A Pre-Trip Report

    Have a wonderful and fantastic time!!!
  11. fizzieee

    Trip Report the last time (taylor's version)

    OMG congrats on Eras Tour tickets!!! I managed to snag some myself for one of the Glendale shows. Which venue did you manage to get tickets to??
  12. fizzieee

    Trip Report Loco goes west! A DLR trip 4 years in the making!

    Yay I love your TRs! Can't wait to read along!!!
  13. fizzieee

    Trip Report First time party of three! **Complete**

    I'm so in!! Your family is just precious.
  14. fizzieee

    Trip Report Belgians do WDW! August 2022

    Wooo ready for this!!
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