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  1. koppite_rob

    Car sharing / Transport from WDW to Universal

    Hi fellow WDWMagic members just 6 days to go till the big family holiday to WDW. Problem is the family has one 12 seater coach to get the mob from our rental villa in Davenport to WDW,but me & the girlfriend have also got tickets for the more grown up Universal Studios. Ive now realised that...
  2. koppite_rob

    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    Dad of the year 12 days to go..... and I have to nominate my Dad for Dad of the Year. Originally he was paying for my sister & niece & nephew to go with him,then my Mum,her husband and my half sister who all live in Chicago wanted to tag along too.I'm a Disneyworld veteran and didn't have the...
  3. koppite_rob

    Sanity Check

    As posted previously this year I'm going to Florida with small people in tow,age 9 & 11. Generally previous trips have involved maximizing park visits to extended opening hours days and being a serious park pounder & coaster junkie. Being less experienced with childrens stamina & appetite,Im...
  4. koppite_rob

    Say goodbye to ALL the clubs at PI.

    Memories ah.... I have many great memories of PI. It was a great night to spend one of our honeymoon evenings in 2000. Me & the wife were staying off site but we booked a night in the all star rock club and made a proper evening of it. We went to the comedy club to start and ended up dancing...
  5. koppite_rob

    No bother. I managed to find the spec on another site. I'm a total petrol head,but knew very...

    No bother. I managed to find the spec on another site. I'm a total petrol head,but knew very little about NASCAR before I went being a Brit.The induction & learning session was really good and well structured so I felt confident despite getting into the most powerful car I've ever been in...
  6. koppite_rob

    Kevin Yee- Parks close one day a week?

    Last week I paid £1.399 a litre for diesel.By my calculations thats $10.4171/US Gallon. Yet when I booked my November break to WDW I struggled to get the days & flights I wanted because they were already booked. So I guess there are plenty of Brits still making the escape to get away from our...
  7. koppite_rob

    Killing time in the queues

    They are 8 & 10 (I had to ask Mrs R) I don't engage very well with anyone under the age of 16 apparently.My wife thinks this trip is a good training exercise for me to get used to the idea of fatherhood.
  8. koppite_rob

    Archeology IS fun

    Me & Mrs R were reminiscing over our honeymoon in 2000 over the weekend, and I need some help. We both recalled a big tent somewhere in Dinoland in the AK where there was a talk given by 3 knowledgeable?! 'archeologists'. It was informative & also very funny in places. In 2004 we went off...
  9. koppite_rob

    Killing time in the queues

    This year me & Mrs R will be going with friends with children. A novel experience as Im known to be only just child tolerant in small amounts. Whilst I normally amuse myself by looking at the scenery & examining the queue management systems & technology (don't ask),Mrs R amuses herself by...
  10. koppite_rob

    how many more days for you? (continued)

    I get excited when it reaches landmark numbers. Yesterday it went past 150 days to go. Roll on 100 days :)
  11. koppite_rob

    Any one ever done the Petty driving experience?

    My wife bought me the standard experience for my 30th in 2004 & it was worth every penny. Being a Brit I wasn't up on NASCAR,but I am a total petrol head,and having driven one I am now a fan of NASCAR. The Disney circuit is great,hasn't got the WOW factor of Daytona,but still challenging and...
  12. koppite_rob

    Dinosaur Running Carnatauras Being Rehabbed

    Thanks for that update. Wish I knew what you were all talking about. Perhaps one day I'll ride it with my eyes open :D
  13. koppite_rob

    EE Documentary on UK tv!!!

    Sadly it clashed with another entertainment requirement I have on Tuesdays (and its NOT Big Brother) Anyone know if it will be repeated again,I'd really like to see it. 499 days today till we land in Orlando :D
  14. koppite_rob

    question about England in EPCOT

    ebay would be a good start for vintage Action Man ,but & as well as Woolworths, ToysRus, & Toys4me all do the newer stuff. You shouldn't find Lego at the Toy Soldier.Its not British,its Danish. The older Action Man was much better.Rubber gripping hands,proper...
  15. koppite_rob

    GMR - Need of Rehab?

    Shh don't tell everyone :zipit:
  16. koppite_rob

    Let's name the Yeti!!

    Tuk -its Tibetan for meet
  17. koppite_rob

    If 40 million people visit WDW each year...

    Its a sad fact that people die.Its sadder that it should happen whilst someone is on holiday. WDW is a magical place,but even Walt himself couldn't stop the inevitable. Unfortunately we now live in an age of abulance chasing lawyers & blame culture.Theres no such thing as an accident.It always...
  18. koppite_rob

    What movies should Disney make next dealing with the parks?

    They've already done a film of our last WDW escapade. It was called Dudes! Wheres The Car? :D
  19. koppite_rob

    Tickets for the Brits

    I did a lot of googling before our last visit,but found very little in terms of savings between various companies in the UK and also conversions to US rates. I did find a small piece on a Disney site explaining that tickets prices are strictly controlled and there shouldn't be great variations...
  20. koppite_rob

    Question to our friends from the UK

    I love the fact that us Brits take our kids in Easter & Summer hols. Not having kids means that our September holiday has less queues for the rides :p
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