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  1. denyuntilcaught

    5th gate anyone.......?

    I guess that raises a question I've had - why did they build DHS where they did and not in this plot? I get why DAK wasn't - the acreage can't compared I'd imagine - but DHS?
  2. denyuntilcaught

    D23 2024 Rumors, Predictions & Discussion

    True. But I would also hate for the big announcements at D23 to just be Avatar (what we already know) and a parking garage.
  3. denyuntilcaught

    News Driving Force Behind Disney's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Leaves WDI for Gensler, Joining Former Chief Bob Weis

    A pretty solid architectural design firm. They've probably designed an office building you're familiar with. The old WDI head came from Gensler, which explains why so many recent builds look like they'd double well as office buildings lol.
  4. denyuntilcaught

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    Meh. However, Firefly off Ventura and Bacari Sherman Oaks are two of my favs.
  5. denyuntilcaught

    All things Magic Mountain

    SFMM has done a pretty good job with their festival lineups lately.
  6. denyuntilcaught

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    This looks terrible. Really a violation of design principles through and through.
  7. denyuntilcaught


    Agreed. However, money aside, my greater concern if Disney took that route is the potential erasure of a lot of goodwill that DisneylandForward fostered with the community and government. Basically, it could lead to a bit of erosion of trust between Anaheim and Disney. Then again, with the seats...
  8. denyuntilcaught

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    I hear you, but I just didn't find Hagrid's all that. It's vastly overhyped, IMO. The vehicles are lovely, but as bespoke as any ride I'd expect from Disney or Universal. The AAs and queue are indeed stellar. None of that elevates it to "best of" for me, except perhaps "best roller coaster" and...
  9. denyuntilcaught

    Disney’s Q2 FY24 Earnings Results Webcast

    Don't sleep on women's sports. Streamers are now increasingly turning their attention to NCAA and Women's soccer as growth engines and there's high value there that really hasn't ever been captured before domestically.
  10. denyuntilcaught

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    I think all of these are valid except Hagrid's. It's a fun ride, yes, but to me it's little more than a tricked out roller coaster that's part of a larger trend of coasters featuring switch tracks and forwards/backwards launches. Hardly worth mentioning in the same breath as the others you've...
  11. denyuntilcaught

    Wreck-It Ralph Attraction Coming to TDL in 2026

    Agreed. And honestly, I don't mind. The underlying premise of Tomorrowland has always been a fool's errand since day 1, so I don't mind the premise broadening from things that actually are futuristic or predictive of the future to things that we generally associate with discovery, technology...
  12. denyuntilcaught


    Are we forgetting: Rapunzel going to TDR via Fantasy Springs Coco going to either MK or DAK (speculation but nearly confirmed) Encanto going to DAK (speculation but nearly confirmed) Moana going to MK (more speculative) Zootopia at DAK (confirmed but timeline TBD)
  13. denyuntilcaught

    DHS 35th

    Gotta take a step back and ask yourself why they're doing it in the first place.
  14. denyuntilcaught

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    was this ever really a thing?
  15. denyuntilcaught

    New coaster coming to Shanghai???

    Sorry, but how do we know that really? How does this differ from the blueprints of another Disney ride with exposed steel i.e. Slinky Dog Dash?
  16. denyuntilcaught

    Rumor Lion King Flume Ride being considered for Animal Kingdom

    I love DAK's theme, but I get why the general population and even a wide swath of Disney fans think the theme is just animals it's Disney's Animal Kingdom and not Disney's Nature Kingdom, after all. I've always found the theme and its nuances hard to articulate outside of these circles. Even...
  17. denyuntilcaught

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Sat on it. Thought about it more. Thought about it even more. The new name is still absolute garbage.
  18. denyuntilcaught

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    I suppose a focus group is only as good as how you vet it.
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