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  1. LittleMerman

    What is you guys' opinion on the universal studios theme parks?

    They have some really great rides. Hagrids is my favorite roller coaster of all time. However, a lot of them make me sick - a lot of the rides that use 3D screens and a lot of the mega coasters. And I don't care about any of their IPs. Some of their theming is great, like the Harry Potter...
  2. LittleMerman

    Choice of restaurants

    All of those are great choices for different reasons. Be Our Guest isn't exceptional food but the experience is so fun. We weren't blown away by Brown Derby but we enjoyed the atmosphere (it's the "nicest" restaurant in Hollywood Studios). Other restaurants we love: Magic Kingdom: Liberty Tree...
  3. LittleMerman

    Upcoming Trip to AKL

    Boma gets pretty crowded. And I don't think it's too much for one day - just eat a light lunch lol. We usually do multiple table service restaurants a day bc we enjoy the food. It can be a lot but you can share at most places (not Boma bc it's a buffet).
  4. LittleMerman

    California Grill

    Remember that you can watch the fireworks on the CA Grill terrace if you're having dinner that same night, no matter what time your reservation is. That's what we did - our reservation was later than the fireworks but we went early to watch outside on the balcony and then had our meal.
  5. LittleMerman

    Dining in the Magic Kingdom

    Of those options I would say Skipper Canteen. I wouldn't go outside the park during a party - you would lose so much time. I saw you haven't been to Be Our Guest - it's not phenomenal food but the experience is a lot of fun!
  6. LittleMerman

    Steak at Walt Disney World

    1. Le Cellier in Epcot 2. Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  7. LittleMerman

    Looking for Animal Kingdom Lodge tips

    Sanaa, Jiko, and Boma are all great! Victoria Falls Lounge is a good spot to get drinks. Lots of places to see animals - outside the main lobby (you can walk or there are lookout balconies), from your table at Sanaa (located in the Vacation Club side of the resort), or you can walk outside of...
  8. LittleMerman

    Rides from other Disney parks

    Rapunzel's Lantern Festival Peter Pan's Never Land Adventure Enchanting Tale of Beauty and the Beast Would make the most sense to put them in Fantasyland but MK is the last park that needs new rides. Maybe Hollywood Studios could get a "royal" land or something close to Fantasy Springs.
  9. LittleMerman

    Does DCL do anything for Valentine's Day?

    Valentine's Day will be our day at sea on our next cruise. Disney changed our cruise to a Marvel cruise after our booking (how romantic) so I don't know if Marvel will overshadow Valentine's Day but historically have they had special offerings? Thanks!
  10. LittleMerman

    Rank the 9 roller coasters at Walt Disney World

    Tron Big Thunder Slinky Dog Dash Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cosmic Rewind Space Mountain Rock N Roller Coaster Expedition Everest Barnstormer
  11. LittleMerman

    Palo brunch & Remy dinner in one day?

    Going on the Dream next Feb. Our Day at Sea will be Valentine's Day so we are going to try to get Remy for dinner. It'll be our only day to do Palo for brunch - is it a mistake to do both in one day? And I've always heard those are the meals to do at each restaurant - would you agree?
  12. LittleMerman

    Question about Marvel Day at Sea

    We do plan on doing the Rainforest Room!! We did it on the Wish and loved it and we love day spas. This is great/helpful info, thank you!!
  13. LittleMerman

    Question about Marvel Day at Sea

    Thanks for the info guys! Our Day at Sea is Valentine's Day and my bf and I do not like Marvel so I just don't want all of the activities and things to be Marvel. Talk about unromantic lol. We are going to try to get a reservation at Remy or Palo for that day so hopefully the dining won't affect...
  14. LittleMerman

    Question about Marvel Day at Sea

    We have our Disney Dream cruise booked for next year and we got an email the other day saying it's now a Marvel Day at Sea cruise. I'm not super thrilled bc I'm not a Marvel fan. I'm hoping this doesn't impact a lot of our cruise and most of it is optional (the meet & greets, the show which we...
  15. LittleMerman

    Rivers of Light - Time for a reevaluation?

    I loved Rivers Of Light. They made it worse with the Lion King overlay but I definitely think AK needs a nighttime show. I would prefer something original at this point though.
  16. LittleMerman

    Just booked the Dream! Question about dining rotation.

    Thank you for the info!! Do you know if there's another "themed" menu for one of the 5 nights or is just pirates?
  17. LittleMerman

    ‘Ohana - What am I missing?

    I meant we don't see reservations open often but thank you =)
  18. LittleMerman

    ‘Ohana - What am I missing?

    We never see it open and always have a hard time finding these reservations. Love it though - def a fave restaurant on property!
  19. LittleMerman

    Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure vs Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

    Hagrid! My favorite coaster. It has a bit of everything other than inversions which I'm grateful for. Cosmic Rewind is fun but it makes me nauseous + it just reminds me of an upgraded Space Mountain. Disney already had a space themed indoor coaster.
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