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  1. julsie

    question about dlrp

    1. Do any of the rides go upside down? 2. Are there hidden mickeys or any other disney 'secret' ie talking fountains? 3. Souviner (sp?) Mugs? am sure i will think of more but thats it for now
  2. julsie

    disneyland paris 2012

    Sounds great cant wait to go
  3. julsie

    disneyland paris 2012

    hiya we are off to disneyland paris in may 2012 for the 1st time, just wondering when they will be announceing whats going on in the parks for 2012 or point me in the right direction to find out. cheers x
  4. julsie

    Mission Space (Intense Version): Have You Ever Gotten Sick?

    felt a bit 'off' but the 2 kids next to me were full fledged puke-ups
  5. julsie

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    love this
  6. julsie

    Worst attraction in WDW property?

    stitchs great escape!!! bring back that alien
  7. julsie

    What BIG thing can I do next month on my trip to celebrate the new healthier me?

    wow look at you!!! gives me inspiration to carry on with my own diet ready for disney next year
  8. julsie

    How many of you have the Disney blues?

    have big disney blues it will be 2 years in aug since my last trip and due to money situation dont know when i will be back! but coming on here helps it ease a bit
  9. julsie

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 7)

    loving this pic can you tell me where it was taken??
  10. julsie

    Worst ride to get stuck on?

    small world arghhhh that song!!!! and once CoP just stopped at one scene then just started repeating its self
  11. julsie

    WDW Phrases in the real world...

    calling wdw disneyland boils me what does 'Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas' mean? i put it through the translator and it came out with something about lambs lol
  12. julsie

    Must have "Get through the Parks" Item/Tool

    blister plasters!! dosnt matter how comfy or broken in my trainers are i always get a blister. sunscreen and aftersun cos i burn really easy on my shoulders every time i go to wdw
  13. julsie

    holiday planner

    when do they release the holiday planner dvd for 2010 in the uk?
  14. julsie

    When does the "Magic Experience" begin?

    for me its when i get sat on the plane and know that i am on my way, but the excitement builds up right untill i check in at the hotel and realise that i am home.
  15. julsie

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    this little girl is so cute!!! love the pics
  16. julsie

    Watch Mickey Dance!

    wow go mickey
  17. julsie

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    these pics are lovely
  18. julsie

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    love this
  19. julsie

    Remarkable Cast Members

    amazing thats so nice
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