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  1. The Disney Girl

    Is anyone else dissapointed by lack of AiW?

    It would be great if they could take elements from both. I'm not a huge fan of Johnny Depp in POTC, but something similar to the updated POTC might work for Alice. The DLR is amazing! I would really hate for it to be changed too much. It would just be awesome if they added Wonderland...
  2. The Disney Girl

    Avatar and EPCOT?

    Sigh of relief! Thanks guys! I just learned that this girl doesn't know the difference between Universal Studios and her credibility is pretty much shredded. This would be a horrible idea, and I agree that it would definitely be the nail in the coffin for what the park was...
  3. The Disney Girl

    Avatar and EPCOT?

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in forever, so this may have already been discussed. But, I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about an Avatar/EPCOT connection. A woman I work with knows one of the creative directors for EPCOT. She just told me there would be an Avatar attraction coming to...
  4. The Disney Girl

    Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment

    I was talking about a Marvel characters weekend at DHS...forgot to quote!:hammer:
  5. The Disney Girl

    Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment

    Now this is something I can definitely see happening.
  6. The Disney Girl

    Getting in touch with Disney Casting and Human Services

    Hi Everyone! I'm about to graduate in December with a B.S. in Marketing. I realize finding a job in Disney is extremely hard, but I'm still going to try. Can anyone help me out with finding an address, email, or fax number for me to send my resume to Disney Casting/Human Resources in Orlando...
  7. The Disney Girl

    Candlelight Processional - Tentative List

    Aw man! We're not going for Christmas this year. :cry: I would really like to see Vanessa Williams.
  8. The Disney Girl

    Minnie Mouse Wardrobe malfunction's sad, but it's sooooo funny!
  9. The Disney Girl

    Things that gross you out in WDW.

    Teenagers making out with each other in line....EWWWWW! You're in Disney! Your parents are there! And people are watching! You're also 14! GROSS! I see this a lot. I think it's a cruel joke played by the Disney gods only when I'm there.:hurl:
  10. The Disney Girl

    Celeb sitings at WDW

    My husband and I have seen quite a few actually! Last Spring we saw THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!! I was so excited! I was screaming like a 13 yr old girl (I'm 24 :lol:). We've also seen Brenda Song (Suite Life), the Cheetah Girls, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone (Harper from Wizards, Jake T. Austin...
  11. The Disney Girl

    "Twittering" our WDW Trip (a.k.a. living vicariously through others..."

    I like this idea! Maybe twittering about WDW will finally push me to sign up for Twitter!
  12. The Disney Girl

    Horizons never was in Epcot Center!!!!!!!!

    I hate it when people are like this too! I know some people from college that were in the College Program. They think they're freaking Disney experts....I can't even explain how far from "experts" they really are!
  13. The Disney Girl

    New Year 2009 at wdw

    I agree with Asha, EPCOT is by far the best show. They really utilize the whole park, and everything just looks/sounds amazing. The MK show is fabulous too, but what fireworks show at MK isn't? :p
  14. The Disney Girl

    WDW Christmas Question

    This is very true. I've always gone on Christmas or for New Years, and the parks are completely packed. My husband has been earlier in December, and he says it's absolutely perfect! My sister has also been to Disneyland at this time, and she said it wasn't crowded either.
  15. The Disney Girl

    The Forgotten Kingdom?

    I don't think there's really that much wrong with MK. Tomorrowland could definitely need some refurbishment, but other than that I think Disney's on track. Like stated earlier, they are getting The Little Mermaid, and I've heard there may be some redesigning of the area behind the castle...
  16. The Disney Girl

    Engagements at Disney?

    My husband proposed to me in front of Cinderella Castle at the beginning of Wishes. It was so crowded because it was 2 days after Christmas. He had no room to get down on one knee, so he pulled me in for a hug and went for it! It was wonderful! I said yes...then cried through the whole show...
  17. The Disney Girl

    Gossip phone?!

    This is awesome! I'm so gonna try this next time I'm there! Thanks for the tip!:wave:
  18. The Disney Girl

    MyCokeRewards Disney Contests

    I need to start doing this. With all the Coke Zero I buy, I feel like I should own a share of the company!
  19. The Disney Girl

    If gas were $10/gallon would you still go to WDW?

    I would just move to Orlando!!!! Who needs to drive when you're already there?!? :p
  20. The Disney Girl

    New Images From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!

    This is sooooo true! The true version of The Little Mermaid is one of the most depressing things I've ever read. I'm excited about the movie! It's always interesting to see what Tim Burton does with a classic story.
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