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  1. MickeyMomV

    Rope drop EMH or rope drop another park?

    We try to rope drop EMH parks and stay till lunch. I say "try" because after closing down the park that had evening EMH's we are a little slower moving in the morning.
  2. MickeyMomV

    Shifting Crowds with More Ticket Options

    People go to MK because that is the park that people want to go to. They want to see the Castle, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and they want to ride the Mtn's. The other parks are all nice and we enjoy spending time at them but even with the new additions to the other 3 parks it...
  3. MickeyMomV

    Yeti hopper soft cooler

    I assume your referring to the Hopper 20? We have not tried bringing ours in but I don't see why not as it is the size of a diaper bag. There is no metal on it and as long as you don't put anything in it that is metal you should be able to get it through the detectors. The Hopper 20, even...
  4. MickeyMomV

    Feb or April School vacation 2019?

    My best recommendation is regardless of what the crowd calendars say just assume that it will be crazy busy and plan a trip that works best for your calendar. With the spring breaks being anywhere from march to late April next year, different February events, moving of the Star Wars race...
  5. MickeyMomV

    AP/TIW questions

    With the current prices of annual passes this isn't an issue. We had 8 day tickets and it still cost $400 each to upgrade to AP's. FL Resident tickets may be a little closer but still no chance of the 10 day ticket being more than an annual pass.
  6. MickeyMomV

    Late Extra Magic Hours

    Also, once the park closes there are no more FP's so the ride lines go a lot faster.
  7. MickeyMomV

    Jedi training question

    Just to tack onto this, your young Jedi needs to be there at sign up. If you head out first thing and leave the family back at the hotel to finish breakfast or sleep in you will not be able to sign them up. They go through a series of questions with them about scary situations and characters.
  8. MickeyMomV

    Resort Arcades, is it time for them to go?

    Better question is where did the pins from the game room at the end of Space MTN go? They were by far some of the best looking and playing on property!!
  9. MickeyMomV

    Resort Arcades, is it time for them to go?

    Agree 100%. I haven't been able to find a fully functioning PoTC in years and I had to buy a Tron to actually get to play one that works. We were really bummed earlier this month to see they pulled the pins out of the arcade at CSR.
  10. MickeyMomV

    Birthday Perk

    You can always arrange for an in-room celebration for her. The will insure something special for her birthday without expecting any perks.
  11. MickeyMomV

    Coronado Springs Update?

    I would recommend calling and requesting a building or paying for a preferred room. We did late arrival about 2 years ago and got placed in the very back and top floor of Rancho 7A. The walk to El Centro was soooooo long!!
  12. MickeyMomV

    Coronado Springs Update?

    We were there over spring break and stayed in Casitas 1 and got to enjoy a remodeled room (preferred room). They are really nice but not much theming. While we were there Casitas 4 and maybe 5 were undergoing the remodel. On the last day (04/06) they had a couple of semi's in the parking lot...
  13. MickeyMomV

    .What are your memories of your first time!! thanks Jakeman

    Our first trip was in 99 with my then fiancée and his younger sister. We got off the Monorail in MK and my fiancée was looking at us while talking and ran right into one of the polls on the platform. We thought it was hysterical but boy was he mad!!!! Our second trip was about a year and a...
  14. MickeyMomV

    Access to a resort without a restaurant reservation

    We were there 2 weeks ago for a Beignet lunch (ok we had other food too) before we started our trip home. Absolutely delicious. We came from CSR and just showed ID to the guard and told him we were there for lunch and he had no problem letting us in.
  15. MickeyMomV

    Is it possible to Park Hop without a Park Hopper?

    I wonder if you could add it to your ticket only after you scan entry into a park? It seems like there are different things you can do to your tickets after they have been scanned for the first time that you can't do ahead of time. Maybe somebody else may have the answer to this?
  16. MickeyMomV

    Magical Express

    As long as your resort tag is on your baggage it should make it to the resort. As @CaptainAmerica mentioned there is bound to be one of the service providers that will not be paid from Disney for providing the service. Just because Dis offers the service for free does not mean the providers are...
  17. MickeyMomV

    Refillable Mugs

    A Margarita from a bottle? That's like getting a Dole Whip in a astronaut ice cream pouch. :depressed:
  18. MickeyMomV

    Current Sam's Club Disney Gift Cards Price?

    On the web site its $484.98 for the $500 card and $142.98 for the 3 pack of $50's.
  19. MickeyMomV

    Night Extra Magic Hours (EMH)

    I would say realistically 6-10. When we were there 2 weeks ago we found ourselves at AK where at 9:30 at night Expedition Everest had no wait (I Know crazy right!!). AK was open till 10:30 so in that last hour we rode it 4 times. We would get off the ride look at the pic and then head straight...
  20. MickeyMomV

    Night Extra Magic Hours (EMH)

    Once the park closes you will have to have your MB scanned to get in a ride line to verify you are staying on property. Anybody already in line gets to stay in line. All FP lines are closed. You would be amazed at how fast the line moves without FP people being mixed in.
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