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  1. CalDisney

    My H O Scale Model of Disneyland

    Thanks Everyone!! Hey DCA fan Its been a long time Have you been to the parks recently?? I havent been Since Buzz had it`s soft opening
  2. CalDisney

    My H O Scale Model of Disneyland

    :D Thanks everyone And thanks for posting the pics 2jrston:)
  3. CalDisney

    My H O Scale Model of Disneyland

    Well I finally Got some of the Buildings Cemented in place on Mainstreet After about 9 months of reserch and making Buildings from scratch. I also have some new pics of my progress. Im not sure if I can post them here:o( Im not a paying member. I will try in the photo section Mitch
  4. CalDisney

    Some of My Cels I painted

    Update Hi everyone!!! I know it`s been a while since ive posted here My new project I have been working on... Is a HO scale model of Disneyland I have been doing this for about 1 year I finally finished building the Main Street station I will get pics up as soon as I get them developed...
  5. CalDisney

    Official Christmas Waltpaper Contest VOTING!!!

    Thanks Tramp!!! Ohh And Merry Christma :xmas: s!!!
  6. CalDisney West Coast Meet Update - Dates!

    Well I keep hearing from Tigggrl that there is a meet this weekend.... I guess we will be there on Saturday after 10 am I hope to meet some of you:) I will probably be wearing my Mickey Mouse Cap
  7. CalDisney

    Official Disney Christmas Waltpaper Contest!

    well here is my pathetic pic Im out of shape on photoshop
  8. CalDisney West Coast Meet Update - Dates!

    Well if its on a sunday Count Carla and Me in and maybe our friend Karen:)
  9. CalDisney

    Big Thunder Mountain is BACK!

    Well Im going on Tuesday And if it`s Open? Im Riding it I wont be Chicken Like I am on ToT!!! lol Right Kirsten;)
  10. CalDisney

    Voting!!!! Hope Contest!

    Wow Amazing Entries!!! Very Hard Choices. I like #10
  11. CalDisney

    Special Media Contest!!! Read Inside!

    WoW!!!! I Do like That Entry Nice one Kevin:)
  12. CalDisney

    Special Media Contest!!! Read Inside!

    Wow!! Excellent Job!! Thats telling it Straight:)
  13. CalDisney

    Special Media Contest!!! Read Inside!

    Well Thanks DCA & Cherrynegra I cant compete with you guys though Im still trying to figure out Photoshop :)
  14. CalDisney

    Special Media Contest!!! Read Inside!

    Well I wasnt sure if the definition had to be on there But heres my entry
  15. CalDisney

    Golden Castle

    Well I dont like the Stupid Crowns on the Castle..Crowns belong on Kings and Queens heads Not their homes. The actual picture dosent have a purple sky how ever got the copy must have their colors mixed up. I dont think Walt would like seeing his Castle Ruined like this. I agree just...
  16. CalDisney

    The Subs are coming back! Let's party!

    Not a Rumor!!! I have a Very Good Customer who Actually works on the Rides Keeping most of them safe, He said the Subs will be back and People Mover will have a New kind of Transportation on its Tracks. I asked him if Space Mountain will have a Loop and He said No... It`s Not original So It...
  17. CalDisney

    Caldisney's HO scale model progress

    Hey!! Thanks Mom and DCA fan:) Yeah Ive been busy I havent been here much... I miss the contests I will have Carla post more pics when I get the Movie house done.
  18. CalDisney

    Happy Birthday, Disneyland!

    Happy Birthay!! Yippie!!! I met Tigggrl 3 years ago today!!!:) :cool:
  19. CalDisney

    Voting!!!! Great Movie Ride Poster Contest

    Well 99 Gets my Vote... It`s too bad Ive been a working fool .. lol I could of had an entry :D
  20. CalDisney

    I saw the new space mountain cars!

    If you go to Ebay they are selling one of the Old Disneyland Space Mountain cars Look under DisneyTheme park collectables. My guess the New cars you saw Are for Disneyland
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