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  1. woofboy111

    Sci-Fi Dine in or 50's Prime Time?

    If it helps any, here's the food I ate at the Sci-Fi Dine-In on my last visit:
  2. woofboy111

    Pepper Market

    I think that would probably improve it a bit. I saw that the Maya Grill next door has a breakfast buffet, but no buffets for dinner. The pepper market is already set up to handle a buffet, so I imagine it would do well with little money spent for the conversion.
  3. woofboy111

    Pepper Market

    Whatever happened to the Pepper Market in Coronado Springs? That used to be one of my favorite counter service restaurants on Disney property, but when I went there recently, there were some changes that weren't good. The menu shrunk along with the portion sizes. They raised their prices, and...
  4. woofboy111

    Free Stuff @ WDW

    That wasn't exactly the point of the article, but you probably would hate to go on vacation with me... Anyway, my article that I wrote won me a third prize in the contest I entered it in! Yay!!! :ROFLOL:
  5. woofboy111

    Free Stuff @ WDW

    I posted this elsewhere, but figured there might be an interest in it here. It's an article about some of my favorite things to at WDW for free... Enjoy!
  6. woofboy111

    Daytona Beach Boardwalk

    Here is a trip report to the Daytona Beach Boardwalk/Pier if anyone is interested in seeing some classic beachside amusement fun...
  7. woofboy111

    Giant Ferris Wheel coming to Orlando!

    not anymore... :lookaroun
  8. woofboy111

    The Power of Disney...
  9. woofboy111

    Today Show Taping
  10. woofboy111

    New Years Eve Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks Video

    Heres a video I took of the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks on New Years Eve from the Polynesian Hotel. The show was way too short, but otherwise it was great. The amount of fireworks in that show is amazing.
  11. woofboy111

    Halloween Horror Nights - Over 18's?

    Definitely not over 18. I saw more little kids this year than any other year. It kind of seemed like they were kind of/sort of catering to the kids by not making it too scary.:mad:
  12. woofboy111

    Space Shuttle Launch - Tickets

    I remember when getting those tickets to see the launches were free. When I went to see the one launch where I got tickets I had to go back about 4 times and camp out all night long getting bit up my mosquitos. From the Disney area, the top of the Contempary has a good, unobstructed view...
  13. woofboy111

    Who else thought Halloween Horror Nights was amazing?

    I thought this year was the worst year of Halloween Horror Nights ever. Heres my review of the event.
  14. woofboy111

    Mystery Fun House?

    I have some of the place when it was open on my website. If you want to use some of those, feel free to, only make sure you put some obvious links up to my website saying that you got the pictures from there. For the pictures that are from the inside of the building after it closed down, I...
  15. woofboy111

    Other stuff to do in Florida besides the theme parks

    I just started my new website. It's about the little known stuff to do in Florida besides from theme parks and major tourist attractions. I don't have much up on it yet, but more is coming very soon. I'm planning on having regular updates to the site, so check back if you're interested...
  16. woofboy111

    Show time showdown (Mistify Article)

    pictures from Mystify...
  17. woofboy111

    Show time showdown (Mistify Article)

    I saw the show Thursday night, and I was very dissappointed. Sort of. Sea World never had great fireworks shows, so I wasn't expecting that much in the first place. The show starts off on a bad start by starting up the dramatic Mystify music, and everyone stands up and gets their cameras...
  18. woofboy111

    Spoilers for Revenge of Mummy ride

    Here's a link to a site that has pictures of what is said to be the Imhotep animatronic for the ride. Looks cool, if it's real.
  19. woofboy111

    Splendid China closing for good

    The park itself was a waste, but if you got the dinner show package theyy had it was really good.
  20. woofboy111


    I think the mummy ride in California is opening in the fall. They one that replaced Kongfrontaion should be opening in early march if everything goes as planned.
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