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  1. DisneyDelirious

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    44 days to go!
  2. DisneyDelirious

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    46 days to go!
  3. DisneyDelirious

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    ADR’s are locked down as of this morning.
  4. DisneyDelirious

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Looks like you arrive the day after us. Great time of year to visit. Have fun!
  5. DisneyDelirious

    Resort Only question

  6. DisneyDelirious

    Resort Only question

    Thank you.
  7. DisneyDelirious

    Resort Only question

    I’ve got a question for a situation I’ve not encountered before. Im thinking of surprising the wife by having our daughter fly down from college to go to MVMCP with us and spend the weekend. Wife and I have a package booked and park pass reservations. My question is, can I pay the fee to the...
  8. DisneyDelirious

    Anyone else miss Be Our Guest Quick Service lunch?

    Definitely miss it. Was a real gem. MK for all its attractions, nostalgia, and greatness is seriously lacking proportion in good dining options.
  9. DisneyDelirious

    November/December 2023

    Not sure how much WDW time you have under your belt. That Sat will probably be the busiest day of your trip as far as crowds. Crowds seem less on Sunday as folks head back home after the holiday. Decide if you are going to the parks that day or not. Get up early and get your ADR’s made at 60...
  10. DisneyDelirious

    Distilled water

    We stayed at POR and they were out. A CM made a couple phone calls to other resorts and they had a jug waiting behind the counter for me when I got back from the parks. They seem to understand the growing number of folks who require it. On a slightly related note UOR domestic carry it. Had...
  11. DisneyDelirious

    November/December 2023

    I can’t speak to Universals crowds around that time of year. That being said, , I can tell you that arriving the weekend right after Thanksgiving is a great time to visit WDW. We hit that Sat after Thanksgiving thru the Sunday 8 days later regularly. You have the choice of 2-3 MVMCP and...
  12. DisneyDelirious

    Is Marceline, Missouri worthwhile to visit?

    We only live an hour and forty minutes from Marceline. We go once every couple of years. Thoroughly enjoy our visit and picking up souvenirs each trip. I’ve given Cast Members, that we see consistently on trips, pins from Marceline when we go to WDW. They aren’t Disney so we don’t try to...
  13. DisneyDelirious

    9 nights and 8 park days at Disney too much ? Please read.

    With the exception of quick trips for MVMCP or MNSSHP all of our WDW trips have been 9-14 days. Over 30 trips of 10 days or more. Our kids haven’t gotten bored. As the kids get older and honestly my wife and I get older we aren’t the park commandos we were but we still go to the parks/ water...
  14. DisneyDelirious

    MagicBand+ announced

    I was at WDW for 9 days in Sept and wasn’t impressed with the MB+. Holding a charge wasn’t an issue which was great. The reactions it emitted from statues was largely underwhelming. It also often took multiple attempts to get them to respond. It did glow well with items. Interestingly...
  15. DisneyDelirious

    Port Orleans- Riverside

    Just following up on my post… the resort was absolutely beautiful. Excellent customer service and all that we hoped for and expected. We will definitely stay there again, and were planning to until we switched our next trip in Nov to Disneyland. We had a pool view room in Alligator Bayou Bldg...
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