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  1. Sunni9998

    Heavy crowds for 23rd april week onwards? Still Spring Break? Think I messed up I found this, not sure it's totally accurate (I'm in NH and it states that NH Spring Break is early April, but we are actually always late April - after the rest of the New England states). But most of them are showing early/mid-April at the...
  2. Sunni9998

    Using Hotel Exchange in Interval International

    Thank you. Lots to learn about Interval! So very confusing lol
  3. Sunni9998

    Using Hotel Exchange in Interval International

    Thank you for the suggestion. :) They all actually used or are using the rest of the banked points from 2021. We are already banking our full Dec 2022 UY points into Dec 2023 UY. (My in-laws were always a year behind and NEVER borrowed points, only banked so they have basically been using...
  4. Sunni9998

    Using Hotel Exchange in Interval International

    I have a question about Interval International's Hotel Exchange. My Step FIL has only used it once and it didn't go well (he booked a hotel in Mexico for his Stepson - come to find out, it was an all-inclusive and that part was NOT included with the points exchange so stepson ended up paying...
  5. Sunni9998

    Park Reservation Modifications Weirdness

    I believe that means that you already have reservations for parks for those days?? I was helping my daughter rearrange her days/parks and the same thing was showing for her. She was trying to modify a couple of days and it wouldn't let her pick certain different days because she already had...
  6. Sunni9998

    Grand Floridian Walkway Reopening Date?

    For what it's worth, and it might not be much lol, I booked a room for my daughter for early September and she got the email stating that the walkway might be closed.
  7. Sunni9998

    What's your fondest memory of WDW?

    Being able to spend many trips there with my DH, DD and my mom and dad before my mom passed away. I will always treasure those moments and memories we had with her. Second would have to be getting stuck at BLT during hurricane Ian. It was myself, DH, DD, DD friend and dear friends of our...
  8. Sunni9998

    Guardians "Scream and Screen" Event

    I received an email announcing the event/registration. We DO NOT have a stay booked during that time.
  9. Sunni9998

    Everything 50!

  10. Sunni9998

    Charging priv

    That's a Bummer. :( We only did it that one time and did have success with his taps of his Magicband going to his card.
  11. Sunni9998

    Charging priv

    You can even split charges between Magicbands in each room. We once had a friend staying in our room and we went to the front desk and he put HIS credit card on HIS Magicband. So when he charged, those costs went to his card.
  12. Sunni9998

    DAS Pre-Registration experience

    My FIL registered for DAS yesterday. He was online around 7:30am and when I got home from work (at 4:30pm) , he was still online! He said he was registered by around 10:30am or so. But was still doing the pre selection stuff. He too said it kicked him out and he had to relog in several...
  13. Sunni9998

    Poncho Suggestions Needed

    I second this. I just bought similar ponchos off of Amazon to wear and throw away. Elastic wrists and hood tie.
  14. Sunni9998


    I'd be happy if they just opened up access to view the fireworks.
  15. Sunni9998

    MDE Question - Current Friends and Family creating their own account?

    Awesome explanation and good reasons why all adults should have their own account. Now I have to go set one up for my husband! lol
  16. Sunni9998

    MDE Question - Current Friends and Family creating their own account?

    Thank you for your reply (on both boards)! Very intimidating and confusing. :confused: I did think of something else - will they each have to create their OWN MDE account, or could one do it for both? Thinking if only one creates an account, it will only pull their info over, not their spouse?
  17. Sunni9998

    MDE Question - Current Friends and Family creating their own account?

    Going to try to explain this in a way that makes sense. I'm a little confused. lol I have a MDE account under my name/email. I have two of my friends (husband and wife) listed as Friends and Family under my account. (They do not have their own MDE account) I see used cards and active Magic...
  18. Sunni9998

    Keys to the Kingdom Tour

    We've done the Keys to the Kingdom tour twice. Once in April 2017 with our DD and a friend and then again in Oct 2019 with friends. It was fabulous both times and well worth it! Both times is was similar, but different. If we had friends that wanted to go, we would definitely do it again...
  19. Sunni9998

    Transferring someone from one MDE account to another

    Awesome! (She is 22 so we are good there!) Thank you for the detailed instructions! SUPER Helpful!!
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