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    Cinderella's Castle Dream Lights Ceremony

    Martin has a copy of it on his site from back in 2009. The audio is a clean soundtrack of the show, so no talking guests in it.
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    Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Question

    Like everybody else is saying the houses at HHN are ADA compliant. A couple of years ago they had a house that had a slanted floor and to make it ADA compliant they had a flat section for people who couldn't go on the slanted floor to go through. If you are able to swing the extra cost I would...
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    Amazing Projection Show On a Miniature Cinderalla Castle

    This is video on YouTube of a projection show on a 71cm replica model of Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom.
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    just did Busch Gardens in Virginia...Maybe I am spoiled

    One thing to remember about BGW is that it is a seasonal park. They are open right now everyday thru Labor Day. After Labor Day they are only open Fridays - Sundays thru Oct. 27th for the normal season. They reopen on weekends for Christmas Town starting on Nov. 29th and everyday from Dec. 13th...
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    just did Busch Gardens in Virginia...Maybe I am spoiled

    People that compare Busch Gardens Williamsburg to Disney need to understand that there are differences. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is my home park and even though I love going to Disney and even Universal it will always be the one I like the best. Disney does have a lot more theming than BGW...
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    Annual Passholder Parking Issues

    I have passes to Disney, Universal and all the Busch parks. I have never once been asked for an ID when parking. The one thing that all the parks do differently that Disney doesn't do is they scan the Pass when you go thru the toll booths. This is to make sure that it is an active pass and also...
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    Are WDW Ticket Price Increases Coming Soon?

    I expect that before the end of this coming week we will see a price increase for Disney tickets. The reason I say this is that usually when Disney goes up on their prices Universal Studios follows suit a few days later. This year it's the other way around. Universal Studios has just had their...
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    Where are these Little Mermaid displays located?

    I did a search on these images and couldn't find out much about them. The bottom photo looks like it could be in a display window, but is definitely not form the Emporiam. I have a photo from last year of the Little Mermaid window and it was totally different. There is a possibility that it does...
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    Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook and Disney's 3:00 Parade

    Thought I would share this on here. A friend posted a link to this article on her Facebook wall today and it shows you the kind of people who work at Disney.
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    Wil Wheaton In Disney World

    This past weekend Wil Wheaton was in Orlando for Megacon and went to the Disney Parks with his family. He posted a few pictures of himself in the parks and talked about drinking around the world on his blog. Today he posted some pictures of himself from all four parks at some of the Kodak...
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    Phone charging

    I just bought a charger online from Thinkgeek and it is put out by New Trent. You can charge two devices at once with it. It comes with a Micro USB and a Mini USB Connector. You can charge your iPhone or iPad with it also using your cables. It's a 9900mAh charger so depending on the devices you...
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    New Upcoming Limited Time Magic Events for disney from Park Newz

    I thought people on here would get a kick out of this article about the upcoming Limited Time Magic Events coming up for the next 6 weeks. The two I like the best are the February 18th & March 3rd ones.The March 3rd one is probably the best and would satisfy all those Hunger Games fans.:)...
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    Disney Shirt Design Contest

    If you are an artist and want to try you hand at winning a contest using Disney characters, Threadless is having a contest to design a Disney related shirt. The winning designs will be printed with the grand prize being $10,000 and a framed sketch from a Disney character artist and an assortment...
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    Disney Themed Wedding

    I thought I would share this with people on here. It's a small article about a couple who had a Disney themed wedding and of course where do you think they had their honeymoon at...
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    Unlimited Refill Coke Freestyle Souvenir Cup

    Yep, you can still use the other cups at the concession stands. They just won't let you use the Freestyle cup at any place other than the Freestyle machines.
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    Unlimited Refill Coke Freestyle Souvenir Cup

    They have been offering it since December. It has a RFID chip in it and is activated the moment you first use it and is good for that day only. You can only use it at the Freestyle machines and right now they won't let you use it at any of the normal drink stands for the 99 cent refill option...
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    Disney Souvenir candy wrappers

    I follow a site called Collecting Candy. The site is a great place to get some history on different candy wrappers over the years. Today's post was about Walt Disney World and Disneyland wrappers. Here is the link to today's article that includes pictures of some old wrappers...
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    Disney Mecha Destroyer

    Bandai is releasing a giant Voltron-style robot in Japan. It will be known as Chogokin King Robo and will consist of the following characters: Jet Mickey, Sky Minnie, Land Goofy, Dive Donald, Aqua Daisy, Dash Pluto & Kennel and Ace Willie. They will connect together to form a figure around 8.7...
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    Fast pass plus

    I was at the magic kingdom yesterday and they have the Fast Pass + on the Haunted Mansion. What is usually a 10 minute or less wait time for standby was double. The problem is now instead of having the choice to skip the cemetary section of the queue you are forced to go thru it, which really...
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    Walt Disney's Failures Could Inspire Entrepreneurs

    I thought people on here might be interested in this. It is a listing of 10 setbacks that Walt had, but even with those setbacks how he never gave up.
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