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  1. PamelaNiebergal

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    I hope that's the case but then why are they adding FP+ machines to rides that don't currently have regular fastpass (Haunted Mansion)? What if the goal is to have FP+ implemented on every ride - even those that don't need them? If online reservations are pulled from current FP pools will their...
  2. PamelaNiebergal

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    Yes this ^^ People who chose not to use the new system will be adversely affected if standby wait times are inflated due to all the x-pass users.
  3. PamelaNiebergal

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    This is what worries me. It doesn't seem like they're just swapping out fastpass for x-pass (or whatever they're going to call it). They're adding x-pass to attractions that just don't need it. It sounds like the whole park from attractions, to shows ,to parades is eventually going to be added...
  4. PamelaNiebergal

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    I also think that the only way to truly reduce wait times for everyone would be to increase the number of attractions and therefor theme park capacity. The money could be so much better utilized building a few e-tickets to spread out the crowds. :brick:
  5. PamelaNiebergal

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    I think BigThunderMatt you might change your mind on that when you actually do have kids. I thought the same thing pre-baby but having has completely changed my mind. Despite the "hassle" I love bringing my babies to WDW and couldn't imagine waiting until they're "old enough" and can remember...
  6. PamelaNiebergal

    Magic Kingdom to test FASTPASS for MSEP, Wishes and Magic Memories

    Ugh, I hate fastpassing World of Color. It's an amazing show but viewing it is a pain in the ______. You still need to arrive ridiculously early to have any hope of seeing the whole show unobstructed and even then it's a crap shoot. I hate that they're even considering this for Wishes and...
  7. PamelaNiebergal

    Could customized shows be impetus for WOC at WDW?

    I would love it if they replaced Fantasmic with WoC at DHS. It's a spectacular show but seeing it and finding a decent view is a logistical nightmare. Having it in a stadium would totally address that. It would be amazing to sit and really enjoy the show without any obstacles. Disneyland's...
  8. PamelaNiebergal

    Am I nuts for trying to turn this down?

    I'd probably spring for Disney accommodations too for total immersion in the magic and the added benefits (not having to drive plus evening EMH are both really important to us). I also second the opinion that it might be nice to have a break from your extended family so you can have your own space.
  9. PamelaNiebergal

    Gen 1 Conversation Mickey-next week

    I'm dying to see this! Hopefully it will come to Disneyland too as we'll be there in December. If not maybe we'll see it next spring. Not creepy to me at all - will be so much better than the regular meet and greets.
  10. PamelaNiebergal

    2012 Disney Mom's Panel

    I got rejected :(
  11. PamelaNiebergal

    MNSSHP Character Question

    I have a question about meeting the princes and princesses. Is it possible to line up, say around 6 PM to be at the front of the line by 7 PM? Is it a separate line from regular day guests? What time of night do they close the line (ie what's the latest we can arrive and still get in to see...
  12. PamelaNiebergal

    What's the longest you've stayed?

    We stayed at POFQ for 3 weeks on our honeymoon. It was Heaven. We were still sad when it came to an end. Now that we have two small children we stick to shorter trips because it's easier but I'd love to take some 2 week + trips again some day when the little ones are older and more...
  13. PamelaNiebergal

    To Croc or not to Croc?

    Yes they're ugly but I will continue to wear mine and sacrifice fashion for comfort. They truly are amazing. We like to take long trips and in the past when I wore runners or any other type of shoe I'd get horrible blisters and my feet would hurt so bad I could hardly walk by the end of the...
  14. PamelaNiebergal

    Mission Space 'Green' vs. 'Orange' Question

    Although I've never ridden Orange I would like to caution you that although trying green first is a great way to become accustomed to the ride it does not really predict how you will react to orange. It's much more intense and the centrifuge will make for a very different experience. I...
  15. PamelaNiebergal

    WDWMAGIC 10 Year Anniversary guest book

    Congrats on 10 years WDWMagic, and a heartfelt thanks to Steve for creating and maintaining such an amazing website. :sohappy:
  16. PamelaNiebergal

    Does your spouse love Disney?

    I am so lucky that my DH loves it as much or more than I do. It's a huge part of our relationship. When I first met him he had never been so I took him to Disneyland and by the second day he was hooked. Now that he's been to WDW a few times he's completely obsessed. I can't imagine not...
  17. PamelaNiebergal

    DON'T USE DISNEY TRANSIT!!....bring your own car?...

    First, hello to my fellow Canadian :wave:. I would definately stick with DTS. The 2 hour wait for a bus after Fantasmic has to be an exageration. We always go at busy times and the longest wait we've ever experienced (over 2 and 3 week periods and including closing times of all 4 parks) was...
  18. PamelaNiebergal

    Do you get mistaken for a CM when you visit WDW?

    My DH and I are always decked out head to toe in Disney merchandise so we look more like tourists than CMs. Still, we've been mistaken a few times. I think it's the lanyard with ID holder. Many people have even asked me if it gives me special backstage priveleges. I am approached with...
  19. PamelaNiebergal

    Merf chooses to Go! (M:S Green)

    It's late and I just got back from an amazing 2 week trip (and am feeling pretty sad about it) but I just wanted to say that I finally got to ride M:S having avoided it completely in the past for fear of motion sickness. I liked the green version so much that I rode it several times. Yay to...
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