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  1. jtizzle1023

    AVATAR Concept Art released
  2. jtizzle1023

    Next Gen @ Splash

    So I work at splash mountain and I went to work tonight and at the entrance to the fastpass line and the merge point (where fastpass and standby meet) there are poles that are covered. None of us knew what they were and we didnt uncover them so we didnt get in trouble haha. But just interesting...
  3. jtizzle1023

    What is open in May 2012?

    Im hearing June for the second dumbo
  4. jtizzle1023

    New EPCOT Monorail Narrator

    It doesnt sound very enthusiastic
  5. jtizzle1023

    Next Gen tech Plus Que Alterations for DHS!

    RNR needs it, Im actually hoping that BTM gets it in the rehab that they are having
  6. jtizzle1023

    Why no ticket system for Disney buses?

    Disney can only do so much honestly, so people are supposed to know exactly when they wanna go home? What happens if they miss there time are they stuck at the park forever?
  7. jtizzle1023

    A Lingering Question

    I have noticed the same in the past few months. Its kinda annoying. Lets take the negativity down a bit everyone :ROFLOL:
  8. jtizzle1023

    Screamscape - Monorail Expansion Rumor

    I think they are gonna do it sooner or later. With gas prices the way they are and how they are on the constant rise it makes sense to just making the investment.
  9. jtizzle1023

    Harry Potter in wdw, where would you put it?

    For me it was a great move by Uni, but I think it is going to be the downfall of them. If they truly are going to make the former Jaws area another part of Potterverse you have taken two large areas of parks and dedicated it to Harry. With the possible expansion after even this upcoming one you...
  10. jtizzle1023

    Does Micheal Eisner deserve a statue at Magic Kingdom?

    If he was I think it could be nice for a little something in Hollywood studios because he did have a movie background before coming CEO and helped get the company's animation back on track in the late 80's. He did save the company from getting chopped up and sold away, so if not a statue, most...
  11. jtizzle1023

    Stitch attracting a redo?

    AE isnt coming back... Disney needs to find a way to get rid of stitch and put an entirely new attraction in there.
  12. jtizzle1023

    Photos - Storybook Circus soft opening

    Bravo Disney, Bravo
  13. jtizzle1023

    Working at Disney- Ruin the Magic???

    Im going to be doing the College Program starting in April working in attractions. I honestly can say that it is a dream come true to get the position. I understand that I am going to see a different side of the company but as a college student aspiring to work for the company full time after...
  14. jtizzle1023

    WDW Non Believers.

    I guess im lucky, My parents took me for my first time when I was 4, and I have been over 30 times since than. It just grew on me and I decided to make a career out of it so now I just force them to listen to me talk about it and they seem to enjoy it too.
  15. jtizzle1023

    Monsters, Inc. Hollywood Studios rumor

    Its as simple as this, if they are going to make this true, than they will have it done by the release of the monsters inc 2 movie next summer, so maybe anytime we can hear about
  16. jtizzle1023

    Just got back from WDW and set a new personal record for Everest!

    Impressive, I usually do it about 7-8 times a trip. But now that Ill be doing the college program this upcoming spring Ill be doing it much much more :sohappy:
  17. jtizzle1023

    Mission Space needs more

    I know, but I'm saying that every time you get on the centrifuge the story is different. Each of the "capsules" are telling the same storyline but lets say maybe the next group getting on that centrifuge goes to a different planet... IDK if thats clear haha
  18. jtizzle1023

    Mission Space needs more

    I am a big fan of Mission:SPACE. But I have been thinking, since the ride is a simulator, why not do something like Star Tours 2. Have multiple missions to different planets and it could be random everytime. Its not hard to do it, you change the videos and thats about it. I think it would make...
  19. jtizzle1023

    Your Worst Attraction!

    Stitch/ Universe of Energy/ American Adventure/ Dinoland USA...except Dinosaur
  20. jtizzle1023

    What Is Disney World Missing

    Its 50/50 for me, I think he would most definitely be happy with what the company has accomplished but at the same time the thing he would probably be most upset about is the fact of the upkeep of the parks, Walt was always a storyteller and wanted the best show possible. Seeing things such as...
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