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  1. darrelljon

    Non-Disney bus direct access to parks

    Am I correct in thinking Non-Disney buses do not have direct access to parks only to TTC?
  2. darrelljon

    Slow rides for adults

    Are there any slow rides for adults at Sea World? Like a river cruise?
  3. darrelljon

    Official Sea World hotels

    Are there any Official Sea World hotels? I understand Hilton and Marriot/ Renaissance have 'at Seaworld' names in their official titles.
  4. darrelljon


    What is Maingate? Does anyone have any more details about it? Having stayed there?
  5. darrelljon

    Longest consecutive amount of time within park boundaries

    What is the longest consecutive amount of time any person has spent within park (not resort) boundaries?
  6. darrelljon

    Direct non-road Orlando transport into WDW

    Apart from roads for motor vehicles and a former airport runway, do you think WDW transportation will ever link in with transport outside WDW? I'm thinking in particular about a train line either heavy rail or light rail (latter would be great), but I suppose a cycle lane too or even paddling up...
  7. darrelljon

    Karate Kid franchise themed area

    How about a Karate Kid francise themed area? Although it is based in SoCal it would be in Orlando and could be sufficiently different from Japan in Epcot to resemble KK2 which anyway was set in Okinawa not Japan.
  8. darrelljon

    Staying at Golden Oaks - airbnb etc.

    Where can I find more info about staying at Golden Oaks? I understand it is a residential development but I'm thinking of short-term lodging for a holiday on property.
  9. darrelljon

    Best offsite shuttle services

    What are the best offsite shuttle services? Say if you were picking a hotel purely on the shuttle.
  10. darrelljon

    Potential future European resort (Spain?)

    What is the potential for a new future European resort, perhaps in Spain?
  11. darrelljon

    Why wasn't Discovery Island built in Seven Seas Lagoon?

    Why wasn't Discovery Island built in Seven Seas Lagoon given that this was man made and Bay Lake is a natural lake?
  12. darrelljon

    Non-Disney access to Bonnet Creek Resort

    In theory is it possible for non-Disney ground access to Bonnet Creek Resort? Where the Wyndham, Waldorf Astoria and Hilton are. By non-Disney I mean not going on Disney property. Crossing Interstate 4 for example? Paddling up Bonnet Creek?
  13. darrelljon

    Disneyland Paris vs Disneyland Anaheim 1955

    I've heard the Disneyland Paris of today is the park most similar to Walt's original Disneyland Anaheim when it opened in 1955. Can anyone add anything to this?
  14. darrelljon

    Best time to buy DVC points - buying early?

    When is the best (cheapest) time to buy DVC points - many months in advance or at the last minute?
  15. darrelljon

    Replace the Monorail with a light rail two rail system

    The monorail only serves Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary. How about tearing down the monorail and replacing it with light rail transport (or even a tram) running on conventional ground based two rail system serving all the parks including water parks and more...
  16. darrelljon

    History of Adult costume ban?

    When were adult costumes banned from the parks and was there any specific problems before the ban?
  17. darrelljon

    Epcot World Showcase - Native American Indian Village

    I know Magic Kingdom has a depiction of Native Americans in Frontierland. I understand there was originally an Indian Village (in Disneyland) now closed (1955-1971). http://www.disneyhistoryinstitute.com/2016/01/the-frontierland-that-never-was.html But something on a much grander scale could...
  18. darrelljon

    New UK advert focuses on Grand Floridian

    The new UK advert is saw on watching Channel 4 online focuses only on the Grand Floridian without mentioning it by name. Why?
  19. darrelljon

    Doubling Disney World

    What would be the challenges in doubling Walt Disney World from the current four theme parks and twenty seven resort hotels to say eight theme parks and around fifty four resort hotels? How quickly could we see this and how quickly are we likely to see this?
  20. darrelljon

    'World' title appropriate at opening?

    At the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971 were there any thoughts on the appropriateness of the title 'World' since it only consisted of Magic Kingdom with the next park EPCOT opening over a decade away.
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